BOOZE BOMBS - Hangover Blues CD

BOOZE BOMBS - Hangover Blues CD
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"Powerful Force" is what you will get from the "Black Forest" combo called… The Booze Bombs.... mehr
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"Powerful Force" is what you will get from the "Black Forest" combo called… The Booze Bombs. Straight head they captured heart and soul of all german audience and even on their US-Tour they left a mark for all critical faces. The voice of the Sicilian singer Annie Leopardo, recalls the energy of a jealous italian Mama. With her powerful voice she could even sweep away Wanda Jackson. “Hangover Blues” is the band’s 3rd album released on Part Records – as usual. The longplayer, available on CD and LP, totally includes 14 hot rockin tracks (including just one cover version)! Hot rockin’ songs with female vocals in italian and german language as well as instrumentals…..!! LET’S ROCK!

1. Please Just Call 02:37 min.
2. You Don't Want Me 04:18 min.
3. Sweet Love 02:02 min.
4. Wanna Hug You 01:41 min.
5. Hangover Blues 04:13 min.
6. One Night With You 04:06 min.
7. Il Treno Del Rock 03:37 min.
8. Handbag Boogie 03:00 min.
9. El Gallo Loco (Instr.) 02:39 min.
10. One Kiss 02:57 min.
11. Tic-Tac Dynamite (Instr.) 02:28 min.
12. Always On My Mind 02:19 min.
13. Crazy Heart 02:30 min.
14. Roll, Roll Train 03:08 min.

manufacturer: PART
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