BEAT DEVILS - Another Dream CD

BEAT DEVILS - Another Dream CD
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  • CLCD64323
Third album from Moscow Psychobilly band covers the themes of the afterworld - the world of... mehr
Produktinformationen "BEAT DEVILS - Another Dream CD"
Third album from Moscow Psychobilly band covers the themes of the afterworld - the world of dreams and nightmares. Now the band used more Psychobilly energy for their music here, keeping its own sound with new features. On this album, in distinction of two previous ones, the band has used only three the very basic musical instruments of Psychobilly - double-bass, guitar and drums - so you can check out how the 11 fresh self-composed songs + Psychobilly re-make of REM's song on it.
The whole concept of lyrics outflows from the album's title, energetic fast tracks like "We Gonna Get It", "Nightmare Baby", "Run From Your Love" coincide with romantic songs like "Shine On", "She's Coming Back To Town" and, also, a dark humour ballad "Eyez Of Liez", as well as the title song "Another Dream", which stands apart.
The supporting European tour will be held on 22 September 2011 - 1 October 2011 - Poland, Germany, Belgium & Holland, and in the second half of October 2011 Beat Devils will hit Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Track listing:

We Gonna Get It / No Place To Hide / My Best Solution / Nightmare Baby / Shine On / Nothing Is Changin’ / Shadows / Another Dream / She’s Coming Back To Town / Eyez Of Liez / Run From Your Love / End Of The World (REM cover)
manufacturer: CRAZY LOVE
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