CRAZED, THE - Moonlight's Out CD

CRAZED, THE - Moonlight's Out CD
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"Rockin' since 2000, The Crazed started as a trio, exploring the weird world of Rock n' Roll.... mehr
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"Rockin' since 2000, The Crazed started as a trio, exploring the weird world of Rock n' Roll. After a year a second guitarist joined them in their haunted vault and that's how this creepy tale began. The early years went a bit chaotic with lots of gigs ,support acts and by spreading the word of a raging sound called by some as "Desperate Psycho". Also some songs released in a few independent compilations and in 2006 they recorded their first demo. After a year the band splits to be reborn later with a new drummer even thirstier for blood, keeping up the reputation of their evil live acts.

Finally their first official release "Moonlight's Out" is out now and this crazed beast is on the loose again for some blood of yours"

Get this fine piece of Psychobilly!!

Tracks: Moonlight's Out / Kiss Eternal Life / Cry Wolf Boy, Cry / Haunted Me / Leopard-Eyed Woman / Bat Country / Twist'n'Die / Vampire Queen / Death Bet / Lovers On The Run / Rebel's Curse / Tonight's The Night
manufacturer: SELF-PRODUCTION
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