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Track listing: On The Countryside / All I'm Gonna Ask Of You / Closer To You / Highway / A... mehr
Produktinformationen "ELLEN KAY BAND - Smooth CD"

Track listing:
On The Countryside / All I'm Gonna Ask Of You / Closer To You / Highway / A Plan / Greatest Thing We Ever Made / Take Your Pain / Know Me That Well / The End

I was touring with GoGetters and met Ellen Krantz by a coincident.
I have had an idea of forming a band,to play a mix of Rockabilly with a Country & Western flavour.
Dressed up like a bunch of Truckdrivers from Kentucky with "Daisy Duke" on vocal.
With Ellen, it was "GO" from day one.Ellen is the expert on Countrymusic and I was stuck in the Rockabilly rhythm.

We started writing songs right away,and ended up with the "On the contryside" album.
A mix between Rockabilly and Country-twang,played with slapbass but NO Gretsch guitar ;) Not copying the sound of the 50's,more modern. But yet, a familliar Rockabilly aura is covering the band.

During the writingprocess for the first album,just because we are so much influenced by real American folkmusic and Country & Western music, songs started to show up as more "Bluegrass" stylish kind of songs.
With Dobro and Steelguitar.All of a sudden we had material for another album.
As the title put it,the songs are smoother. A little bit serious.

The bandmembers are old pro's who has been around the Rockabilly circuit for years.

The bassplayer played two years in Frantic Flintstones and The Rattlers(Kandy)

The drummer has been touring with with well known Swedish band "RedHot Max & Cats" doing backup jobs with Wanda Jackson for nearly 10years.And Swedish band "Flatfoot"

Me myself started "Small Town Pimps" later on "Spinballs" . One album with Swedish "The High Jacks"
later toured with The Go Getters for 5 years before forming "Ellen Kay Band"
with Ellen.

Ellen did lead vocal in Swedish Krantz & Krantz,left and started Ellen Kay Band 2010.

All this ended up with two albums with own material .
One Rockabilly-fied,,,
And one 'Smoother' ,,,

manufacturer: CRAZY LOVE
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