FAIRBURN, WERLY - Everybody`s Rockin` CD

FAIRBURN, WERLY - Everybody`s Rockin` CD
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One of the best country singers who ever sold his soul to rock 'n' roll, Werly Fairburn is... mehr
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One of the best country singers who ever sold his soul to rock 'n' roll, Werly Fairburn is well worth investigating. Originally from New Orleans, he started recording for Trumpet Records ('Camping With Marie'), and then moved to Capitol and Columbia. For Columbia, he recorded the original version of 'I Guess I'm Crazy', later a big hit for Jim Reeves. Then he cut three rockabilly singles for Savoy, reissued here for the first time. This is the dream package, beginning with the Trumpet sides and following Werly's career right through to some recordings he made for his own label just before his death.

001   I'm A Fool About Your Love  

 002   Everybody's Rockin'  

 003   All The Time  

 004   My Heart's On Fire  

 005   Speak To Me Baby  

 006   Telephone Baby  

 007   No Blues Tomorrow  

 008   I'm Jealous  

 009   I Guess I'm Crazy  

 010   That Sweet Love Of Mine  

 011   Nothin' But Lovin'  

 012   Love Spelled Backwards Is Evol  

 013   Broken Hearted Me  

 014   Stay Close To Me  

 015   It's Heaven  

 016   Old Mem'ries Come Back  

 017   Good Deal, Lucille  

 018   Baby He's A Wolf  

 019   Won't It Be Nice  

 020   A Little Bit Of Nothing  

 021   Prison Cell Of Love  

 022   Spiteful Heart  

 023   It's A Cold Weary World  

 024   I Feel Like Cryin'  

 025   Camping With Marie  

 026   Let's Live It Over  

 027   Doggone That Moon  

 028   Black Widow Spider Woman  

 029   You Are My Sunshine

manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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