ORBISON, ROY - Orbison 1955-1965 (7-CD & 104-PAGE-BOOK)

ORBISON, ROY - Orbison 1955-1965 (7-CD & 104-PAGE-BOOK)
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Orbison 1955-1965 (7-CD & 104-PAGE-BOOK) The ultimate Orbison! Between 1955 and 1965... mehr
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Orbison 1955-1965 (7-CD & 104-PAGE-BOOK)

The ultimate Orbison! Between 1955 and 1965 Roy Orbison revolutionised popular music and these are the recordings that did it! This 7-CD set includes every recording from his golden decade! Beginning his career as a rockabilly singer on Jew-Wel and Sun Records , Roy scored one hit, 'Oooby Dooby', and left many great early rare and rockin' sides behind ...'Problem Child, Down The Line, Rockhouse, Cat Called Domino'... as well as songs he wrote for Buddy Holly, like 'An Empty Cup' and 'You've Got Love'. Then Roy's song 'Claudette' (both early demo's included here for the first time!) became a hit for the Everly Brothers, and Roy went to Nashville to record first for RCA, then Monument. At Monument Records, Roy made the most perfectly realised pop music of the early-to-mid Sixties. Bruce Springsteen spoke of its 'mysterious sense of longing.' As Roy's contemporaries fell to the British Invasion, he went from strength to strength. All of his Monument recordings are complete here for the first time. All The hits, 'Uptown, Only The Lonely, Blue Angel, I'm Hurtin', Running Scared, Crying, Candy Man, Dream Baby, In Dreams, Falling, Mean Woman Blues, Blue Bayou, Pretty Paper, It's Over, Oh Pretty Woman', and more! All the B-sides, including songs that became big hits for other artists, like 'Today's Teardrops, Love Hurts', and 'Distant Drums'. And all the album tracks from all the Monument LPs, plus previously unissued alternate takes and rare demos! This set concludes with Roy's first MGM hit, 'Ride Away' from 1965, closing out incredible 10 years...10 years that changed the way popular music was made. Altogether, this set includes more than 150 recordings, as well as an LP-sized book that includes many previously unseen photographs, a newly researched biography by Colin Escott, and a complete discography. Die definitive Roy-Orbison-Ausgabe ist da! Zwischen 1955 und 1965 revolutionierte er die populäre Musik - und hier kommen die Aufnahmen, mit denen dies geschah. Dieses 7-CD-Set enthält sämtliche Einspielungen eines wahrhaftig goldenen Jahrzehnts! Roy begann seine Karriere als Rockabilly-Sänger auf Labels wie Jew Wel und Sun. Dabei gelang ihm ein Hit, 'Ooby Dooby', ausserdem schuf er viele rockige Frühwerke: 'Problem Child, Down The Line, Rockhouse, Cat Called Domino'. Sie sind jetzt hier sowie einige Songs, die er für Buddy Holly schrieb, zum Beispiel 'An Empty Cup' und 'You've Got Love'. Kurz darauf wurde Roys 'Claudette' (beide frühen Demos gibt es jetzt erstmalig!) ein Hit für die Everly Brothers. Anschliessend ging Orbison nach Nashville, wo er zunächst für RCA und und dann für Monument Aufnahmen machte. Bei Monument gelang ihm die perfekteste Popmusik, die in der ersten Hälfte der 60er Jahre entstanden ist. Bruce Springsteen sprach in diesem Zusammenhang von einer geradezu 'geheimnisvollen Form von Zeitlosigkeit' dieses Materials. Während sich Orbisons Zeitgenossen an der Musik der importierten 'British Invasion' orientierten, verbesserte sich die Qualität seiner Eigenkompositionen ständig. Seine Monument-Einspielungen gibt es jetzt zum ersten Mal komplett. Das bedeutet: alle Hits, 'Uptown, Only The Lonely, Blue Angel, I'm Hurtin', Running Scared, Crying, Candy Man, Dream Baby, In Dreams, Falling, Mean Woman Blues, Blue Bayou, Pretty Paper, It's Over' und viele, viele andere! Sämtliche Single-B-Seiten, darunter Songs, die Hits für andere Interpreten wurden, wie 'Today's Teardrops, Love Hurts' und 'Distant Drums'. Dazu kommen alle Lieder der MONUMENT-LPs und bislang unveröffentlichte Alternativ-Takes sowie seltene Demo-Aufnahmen! Das 7-CD-Set endet mit Roys erstem MGM-Hit, 'Ride Away', von 1965. Es beendet unglaubliche 10 Jahre, 10 Jahre nach denen in Sachen Popmusik nichts mehr so war, wie es einmal begonnen hatte. Insgesamt präsentiert diese Box mehr als 150 Orbison-Songs - und ein umfangreiches Buch im LP-Format mit vielen nie zuvor gezeigten Fotos, einer neu recherchierten Biographie von Colin Escott und einer kompletten Discographie dieser Schaffensperiode.

Medium 1
001 EARLY:
002 Ooby Dooby TEEN KINGS
003 Trying To Get To You TEEN KINGS
004 Ooby Dooby (sun master) ORBISON, Roy
005 Go! Go! Go!
006 Trying To Get To You
007 You're My Baby
008 Rock House
009 Sweet And Easy To Love
010 Devil Doll
011 Love Dumb Baby (fragment)
012 Fool's Hall Of Fame
013 A True Love Goodbye
014 Chicken Hearted
015 I Like Love
016 Mean Little Mama
017 Problem Child
018 Cat Called Domino
019 You Tell Me
020 I Give Up
021 One More Time
022 Lovestruck
023 The Clown
024 Claudette
025 The Cause Of It All
026 You're Gonna Cry
027 This Kind Of Love
028 It's Too Late
029 I Never Knew
030 Claudette
Medium 2
001 EARLY:
002 Ooby Dooby (alt) ORBISON, Roy
003 Ooby Dooby (alt 2)
004 Ooby Dooby (alt 3)
005 Trying To Get To You (alt)
006 Chicken Hearted (semi spoken vocal)
007 Problem Child (alt)
008 The Clown (alt)
009 This Kind Of Love
010 It's Too Late (alt)
012 Seems To Me ORBISON, Roy
013 Sweet And Innocent
014 I'll Never Tell
015 Almost Eighteen
016 Jolie
017 Paper Boy
018 With The Bug
020 Hey! Miss Fannie WINK WESTERNERS
021 A True Love Goodbye TEEN KINGS
022 An Empty Cup TEEN KINGS
023 Cat Called Domino TEEN KINGS
024 I Guess I'm Lonely ROY ORBISON & JOE MELSON
026 Velveteen Doll ROY ORBISON & JOE MELSON
Medium 3
001 Ooby Dooby
002 Racker Tacker
003 Blue Suede Shoes
004 Brown Eyed Handsome Man
005 St. Louis Blues
006 All By Myself
007 Lawdy Miss Clawdy
008 Jam
009 Rock House
010 Singing The Blues
011 Pretend
012 Rip It Up
013 Trying To Get To You
014 TK Blues
015 Go! Go! Go!
016 Bo Diddley
017 Do You Remember? (B.Pat,Jack & James talk
018 about the TEEN KINGS)
Medium 4
002 Paper Boy ORBISON, Roy
003 Double Date
004 With The Bug
005 Up Town
006 Raindrops
007 Pretty One
008 Blue Avenue
009 Only The Lonely
010 Here Comes That Song Again
011 Today's Teardrops
012 Blue Angel
013 I'll Say It's My Fault
014 Come Back To Me (My Love)
015 (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time
016 Bye Bye Love
017 Twentytwo Days
018 Cry
019 I Can't Stop Loving You
020 I'm Hurtin'
021 Darkness
022 Let's Make A Memory
023 Love Hurts
024 Running Scared
025 Nightliefe (with semi spoken intro)
026 Summer Song
027 Loneliness
028 Dance
Medium 5
002 Lana ORBISON, Roy
003 Dance
004 She Wears My Ring
005 Crying
006 Sunset
007 The Great Pretender
008 Candy Man
009 House Without Windows
010 (They Call You) Gigolette
011 How Are Things In Paradise
012 (They Call You) Gigolette
013 Wedding Day
014 Yes
015 Let The Good Times Roll
016 Blue Bayou (2)
017 Party Heart
018 Evergreen
019 Love Star
020 Dream Baby
021 The Actress
022 No One Will Ever Know
023 The Crowd (2)
024 Mama
025 (I Get So) Sentimental
026 Leah
027 Working For The Man
028 Borne On The Wind
029 Distant Drums
Medium 6
002 Falling ORBISON, Roy
003 Shahdaroba
004 I Dreams
005 Dream
006 My Prayer
007 Lonely Wine
008 Beautiful Dreamer
009 All I Have To Do Is Dream Of You
010 Mean Woman Blues
011 What'd I Say
012 San Fernando (german)
013 Mama (german)
014 Pretty Paper
015 Almost
016 It's Over
017 Indian Wedding
018 O Pretty Woman (single version)
019 Yo Te Amo Maria
020 Only With You
021 Goodnight
022 (Say) You're My Girl (fast)
023 (Say) You're My Girl (slow)
024 Sleepy Hollow
025 Ride Away (MGM)
Medium 7
Medium 8
001 Twentytwo Days
002 Love Hurts
003 Nightlife
004 (They Call You) Gigolette
005 Borne On The Wind (different vocal)
006 Pretty Paper
007 Indian Wedding
008 Blue Avenue
009 Here Comes That Song Again
010 It's Over
011 Today's Teardrops
012 Blue Angel
013 I'll Say It's My Fault
014 With The Bug (MO 546-2)
016 Double Date (takes 1 & 2)
017 Double Date (take 5)
018 Double Date (take 6)
019 Paper Boy (takes 14/16)
020 Paper Boy (take 17)
021 Paper Boy (take 18)
022 Paper Boy (take 19)
023 With The Bug (take 1)
024 With The Bug (take 2)
025 With The Bug (take 3)
026 With The Bug (take 4)
027 With The Bug (take 9)
029 Let's Get Together For A Coke Again (1&2&3)
030 Stayed Out Too Late (1 & 2)
031 Things Go Better With Coke
032 Life Is Fun When You're Refreshed (1&2&3)
033 C.O.C.A. C.O.L.A (1 & 2)

manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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