SLEEPY LaBEEF-A Rockin' Decade CD

SLEEPY LaBEEF-A Rockin' Decade CD
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Twenty-six highlights from the giant rocker's recordings from the seventies for Sun... mehr
Produktinformationen "SLEEPY LaBEEF-A Rockin' Decade CD"
Twenty-six highlights from the giant rocker's recordings from the seventies for Sun International, the continuation of the famous Memphis label.
Includes his biggest hit, 'Blackland Farmer', classic rockers like 'Tore Up' and 'Boogie Woogie Country Girl' and storming covers of other rock & roll classics. Features La Beef's powerful, booming vocals and slashing guitar, which made him a leading figure on the rockabilly revival scenes and a potent influence on such artists as Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles.

# Too Much Monkey Business
# Blackland Farmer
# Boom, Boom, Boom
# Honey Hush
# Stormy Monday Blues
# Good Rocking Boogie
# Roll Over, Beethoven
# You Can'T Judge A Book By It'S Cover
# Matchbox
# What Am I Living For
# Baby, Let'S Play House
# Blue Moon Of Kentucky
# Rock 'N' Roll Ruby
# Big Boss Man
# Boogie Woogie Country Girl
# Mystery Train
# Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
# Tore Up
# Flying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll
# Red Hot
# Honky Tonk Man
# Jack And Jill Boogie
# Shotgun Boogie
# Go Ahead On Baby
# Milk Cow Blues
# Shame, Shame, Shame
manufacturer: CHARLY
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