THOMPSON, HAYDEN - Rockabilly Gal CD

THOMPSON, HAYDEN - Rockabilly Gal CD
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Hayden Thompson is one of the last of the surviving original rock'n'rollers, and he's still a... mehr
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Hayden Thompson is one of the last of the surviving original rock'n'rollers, and he's still a mighty impressive performer on the rockabilly revival circuit. He might not have had any hits, but he had credentials and style to spare. He was there at the epicentre of rockabilly back when nobody knew quite what it was or what to call it. He was born within a few miles of Elvis Presley, he saw Elvis at the dawn of his career, he made his first record within a few months of Elvis, and he was on the legendary Sun Records. His 1956 recording of Love My Baby is acknowledged as classic rockabilly. It comes no finer.
This collection covers Hayden Thompson's first decade of recording: Here are both sides of all five singles issued between 1954 and 1962... all of them fabulously rare, along with most of the songs unissued at the time, plus eight previously unissued versions of the much-admired and much-emulated classic rockabilly sides Hayden cut at Sun in 1956 and '57


1. Love My Baby 2. Rock-A-Billy Gal 3. Fairlane Rock 4. One Broken Heart 5. Blues Blues Blues 6. Oh Mama (Mama Mama Mama) 7. You Are My Sunshine 8. Don't You Worry 9. Congratulations To You, Joe 10. Call Me Shorty 11. I'll Hold You In My Heart 12. Goin' Steady 13. Kansas City 14. Frankie And Johnny 15. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 16. The Key To My Kingdom 17. Your True Love 18. Kansas City 19. I Guess I'd Better Be Moving Along 20. This Old Windy City 21. Lonely For My Baby 22. I Wanna Get Home 23. Train From Chicago (16:88) 24. Act Like You Love Me 25. I Feel The Blues Coming On 26. Love My Baby 27. One Broken Heart 28. Dream Love 29. Tom Thumb 30. Whatcha Gonna Do 31. Summers Almost Over 32. Queen Bee 33. Pardon Me 34. Love My Baby 35. Rock-A-Billy Gal
manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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