TIN CANS - Unbreakable CD

TIN CANS - Unbreakable CD
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"Here it comes, the new album by the Tin Cans! They already proved several times that they are... mehr
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"Here it comes, the new album by the Tin Cans! They already proved several times that they are able to write good songs and issue great albums – the Cans are an experienced, perfectly matched band and on their new studio-album they present 16 songs, embedded in their characteristic style: eighties neo-rockabilly, rocknroll and some country! The Tin Cans never followed any rules or trends but they continuously did their own thing. Precisely for this reason the guys are so variable and even surprise with a great ska-tune on their new album. “Unbreakable” continues exactly where the successful previous album “Still Rockin” ended! No wonder- the guys really know how to rocknroll and they are “Unbreakable”! The CD comes in a smart digipac and cool artwork!"

Track listing:

1. I Got The Rhythem 2. From One To Four 3. From Bottom Of My Heart 4. Turn That Music Down 5. Once Again 6. Searching For You 7. Go Buddy Go 8. I Wanna Know 9. Crying Shame 10. Please Come Back 11. This Is It 12. Letter Of Goodbye 13. High On R`n`R 14. That Day Went To The Devil 15. Lady Of Leisure 16. Brave Rockin`Heart

manufacturer: MAD DRUNKEN MONKEY
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