TWITTY, CONWAY - The Rock'n'Roll Years 8-CD-Box & 62-Page Book

TWITTY, CONWAY - The Rock'n'Roll Years 8-CD-Box & 62-Page Book
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The Rock'n'Roll Years 8-CD-Box & 62-Page Book Hier ist die komplette Geschichte Conway... mehr
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The Rock'n'Roll Years 8-CD-Box & 62-Page Book

Hier ist die komplette Geschichte Conway Twitty's mit den Jahren, ehe er zu Country wechselte. Nachdem er 1956 bei Sun Records begann und 57 zu Mercury ging, schaffte er 58 bei MGM den Durchbruch mit It's Only Make Believe. Auf 8 CDs verteilt sind all diese klassischen Aufnahmen hier. Brauchen Sie die, wenn Sie bereits die LP Box haben Jawohl! Alles zusammen sind hier 40 Aufnahmen, die vorher nie erhältlich waren. Alle Rock'n Roll Hist sind dabei wie It's Only Make Believe, Mona Lisa, Lonely Blue Boy, Hey Little Lucy ebenso wie das seltene, nur in England veröffentlichte Rosaleena. Neu in diesem Set ist eine doppelseitige Instrumental-Single Highland Rock/Midnight Creep von Conway und seiner Band, dazu alle ABC Aufnahmen - viele vorher unveröffentlicht, weiter dann 20 ebenfalls unveröffentlichte MGM Aufnahmen von Bändern, die unlängst gefunden wurden.Here's the complete story of Conway Twitty in the years before he switched to country. After starting at Sun Records in 1956 and going to Mercury in '57, Conway broke through on MGM in 1958 with It's Only Make Believe. All these classic recordings are complete here on 8 CDs. Do you need this if you already have our LP box Yes you do! Altogether there are more than 40 recordings that have never been available before. All the rock 'n' roll hits are here of course, like It's Only Make Believe, Mona Lisa, Lonely Blue Boy, and Hey Little Lucy, as well as the rare British only release of Rosaleena. New to this set is a double-sided instrumental single, Highland Rock/Midnight Creep featuring Conway and his band, plus all the ABC recordings

many previously unissued, and more than 20 previously unissued MGM tracks from recently discovered tapes. (1997/BEAR FAMILY) 202 tracks - the complete recordings 1956-64.

Medium 1
001 Rock House
002 Crazy Dreams (take 2)
003 Give Me Some Love (master)
004 I Need Your Lovin' Kiss
005 Just In Time
006 Born To Sing The Blues
007 Maybe Baby
008 Shake It Up
009 I Need Your Lovin'
010 Born To Sing The Blues
011 Golly Gosh Oh Gee
012 Double Talk Baby
013 Why Can't I Get Through To You
014 Crazy Dreams (take 3)
015 Give Me Some Love (take 1)
016 Born To Sing The Blues (take 1)
017 Born To Sing The Blues (take 2)
018 Born To Sing The Blues (false start/take 2)
019 Born To Sing The Blues (take 4)
020 Crazy Dreams (take 1)
021 Crazy Dreams (false start/take 2)
022 Crazy Dreams (take 3)
Medium 2
001 It's Only Make Believe
002 I'll Try
003 I Vibrate (From My Head To My Feet)
004 Will You Love Me Then, As You Love Me Now
005 The Story Of My Love
006 Don't You Know
007 When I'm Not With You
008 Judge Of Hearts (false start/take 2)
009 Yea, Yea, Boo Hoo
010 Heavenly
011 Come On Home
012 Nobody
013 Sputnick (instrumental)
014 Easy To Fall In Love
015 Goin' Home
016 Big Train (instrumental)
017 Teenage Heart
018 One And Only You
019 When I'm Not With You
020 Don't You Know
021 The Story Of My Love
022 My One And Only You
023 Goin' Home
024 Make Me Know You're Mine
025 Judge Of Hearts
026 First Romance
027 I Need You So
Medium 3
001 Mona Lisa
002 Sentimental Journey
003 Hallelujah, I Love Her So
004 You'll Never Walk Alone
005 Hey Little Lucy (mono)
006 Halfway To Heaven (version 1)
007 Teasin'
008 Heavenly
009 Halfway To Heaven (version 2)
010 Just Because
011 Cry Jane Cry
012 Blueberry Hill
013 Heartbreak Hotel
014 You Win Again
015 Danny Boy
016 Hey Miss Ruby
017 Restless (master/take 10)
018 She's Mine
019 Lonely Kind Of Love
020 Beach Comber
021 Easy To Fall In Love
022 Because You Love Me (take 13)
023 Leonora My Love (take 13)
024 Rosaleena
025 My Adobe Hacienda (master)
026 Hey Little Lucy (stereo)
027 Restless (take 8)
028 Because You Love Me (take 6)
029 My Adobe Hacienda (alt take)
Medium 4
001 Star Spangled Heaven (take 8)
002 A' Huggin' And A' Kissin'
003 Can't We Go Steady
004 Lonely Blue Boy (US version)
005 Sorry
006 Blue Moon
007 Eternal Tears
008 Foggy River
009 Platinum High School
010 Trouble In Mind
011 Pretgty Eyed Baby
012 Rebound (take 14)
013 The Hurt In My Heart
014 Maybe Tomorrow We'll Know
015 Tell Me One More Time
016 What Am I Living For
017 A Fallen Star
018 I'd Still Play The Fool
019 Betty Lou
020 Knock Three Times (take 17)
021 What A Dream
022 Is A Blue Bird Blue (take 16)
023 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
024 My Heart Cries
025 Sweet Georgia Brown
026 Lonely Blue Boy (UK version)
027 Betty Lou (take 14)
Medium 5
001 That's Where My Lovin' Goes
002 Don't You Dare Let Me Down
003 Send Her To Me
004 The Flame
005 C'Est Si Bon
006 Long Black Train
007 Blue Suede Shoes
008 Great Balls Of Fire
009 Jailhouse Rock
010 Treat Me Nice
011 Handy Man
012 The Girl Can't Help It
013 Shake, Rattle And Roll
014 Diana
015 Splish Splash
016 Reelin' And Rockin'
017 A Million Teardrops (take 13)
018 The Next Kiss (Is The Last Goodbye)
019 A Tree In The Meadow
020 Above And Beyond
021 I'm In Blue, Blue Mood (& ROY ORBISON)
022 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
023 Man Alone
024 Donna's Dream
025 Tower Of Tears
026 I Can Heart My Heart Break
027 A Million Teardrops (take 12)
Medium 6
001 Prisoner Of Love (take 4)
002 Unchained Melody (master)
003 Sweet Sorrow
004 A Little Bird Told Me
005 It's Driving Me Wild (take 6)
006 Turn Around
007 Walk On By
008 Portrait Of A Fool
009 There Is Something On Your Mind
010 Don't Cry No More
011 Mister Jones
012 Hang Up The Phone
013 A Little Piece Of My Heart (take 7)
014 She Knows Me Like A Book
015 Comfy 'N Cozy
016 Lookin' Back
017 Pledging My Love
018 Prisoner Of Love (take 3)
019 Unchained Melody (take 5)
020 Unchained Melody (take 13)
021 Sweet Sorrow (alt. take)
022 It's Driving Me Wild (take 9)
023 Walk On By (overdubbed version)
024 Mister Jones (take 5)
025 A Little Piece Of My Heart (take 5)
026 A Little Piece Of My Heart (take 6)
Medium 7
001 It's Too Late
002 I Almost Lost My Mind
003 I Got A Woman
004 My Babe
005 Let The Good Times Roll
006 Fever
007 Boss Man
008 Don't Cry No More
009 City Lights
010 Faded Love
011 Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
012 Ages And Ages Ago
013 I Hope, I Think, I Wish
014 The Pickup
015 Hound Dog
016 She Ain't No Angel
017 Got My Mojo Working
018 Long Tall Texan
019 Go On And Cry
020 She Loves Me
021 I'm Sorry Heart
022 Talkin' About You
023 Walk Proud
024 Such A Night
025 My Baby Left Me
Medium 8
001 Where Your Love Leadeth Me
002 Big Town
003 This Road That I Walk
004 Bad Man
005 Ever Since You Went Away
006 Blue Is The Way I Feel
007 Turn The Other Cheek
008 Treat Me Mean, Treat Me Cruel
009 I'm Checkin' Out
010 Heartache Just Walked In
011 I Wonder If You Told Her About Me
012 The Girl At The Bar
013 You Made Me What I Am
014 I'll Get Over Losing You
015 HAve I Been Away Too Long
016 Let Me Be The Judge
017 Sound Of An Angel's Wings
018 Highland Rock (AL BRUNO)
019 Midnite Creep (AL BRUNO)

manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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