V.A.-That'll Flat...Git It Vol.24 CD

V.A.-That'll Flat...Git It Vol.24 CD
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1. Jimmy Lloyd (Jimmie Logsdon): I Got A Rocket In My Pocket 2. Johnnie Strickland: She's... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A.-That'll Flat...Git It Vol.24 CD"
1. Jimmy Lloyd (Jimmie Logsdon): I Got A Rocket In My Pocket 2. Johnnie Strickland: She's Mine 3. Jimmy Bowen: My Baby's Gone 4. Billy & Don Hart: Rock-A-Bop-A-Lina 5. Johnny Rivers: Long, Long Walk 6. Roc Larue: Baby Take Me Back 7. Joe Tate: Satellite Rock 8. The Shades: Jeri Lee 9. Mack Vickery: High School Blues 10. Vince Maloy: Crazy About You 11. Jimmy Lloyd (Jimmie Logsdon): Where The Rio De Rosa Flows 12. Bob Davies: Hole In My Bucket 13. Rock-A-Teens: Janis Will Rock 14. Joe Tate: Rock 'n' Roll Mama 15. Don 'Red' Roberts: Only One 16. The Shades: Guitar Hop 17. Skee Brothers: Romeo Joe 18. Jimmy Lloyd (Jimmie Logsdon): You're Gone Baby 19. Johnnie Strickland: You've Got What It Takes 20. Rock-A-Teens: Doggone It Baby (alt) 21. Chapparals: Leapin' Guitar 22. Bob Davies: Rock To The Music 23. Johnny Rivers: Baby Come Back 24. The Shades: Baby, Baby 25. Jimmy Isle: Goin' Wild 26. Joe Tate: I'm Free 27. Mack Vickery: Goin' Back To St. Louis 28. Vince Maloy: Hubba Hubba Ding Ding 29. Johnny Rivers: That's Rock 'n' Roll 30. Bob Davies: Never Anymore 31. Rock-A-Teens: Lotta Boppin' (alt) 32. The Shades: School Bus 33. Joe Tate: I Guess It's Love 34. Jimmy Stone: Found 35. Don 'Red' Roberts: Don't Say Maybe 36. Jo Ann Campbell: You're Driving Me Mad
manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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