V.A.-One More Record Please CD

V.A.-One More Record Please CD
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  • BCD16788AR
• A record about records ! • For everyone who didn’t want CASSETTES, didn’t want 8-TRACKS,... mehr
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• A record about records ! • For everyone who didn’t want CASSETTES, didn’t want 8-TRACKS, didn’t really want CDs, and sure as hell doesn’t want MP3s, i-Tunes, Napster, or whatever tomorrow might bring! • This is a eulogy to the true love of our lives...the 45RPM single...and will be loved by those who not only wanted the MUSIC but the RECORD. TRACKLISTING: 01. Billy Walker: The Record 02. Margie Singleton: Old Records 03. Sandie Selsie: Gonna Get Some Records 04. Jimmy Strickland: Gonna Buy Me A Record That Cries 05. Betty Cody: Phonograph Record 06. Bob Denton: I'm Sending You This Record 07. Charlie Monroe: It's Only A Phonograph Record 08. Mac Wiseman: 45s And 8x10 09. Tom Tall: Stack-A- Records 10. Tommy Collins: Ernest Tubb 78s 11. Charles Senns: Dig Me A Crazy Record 12. Bruce Culver: Square Record 13. Kenny Loran: One More Record Please 14. Willie Nelson: Mr. Record Man 15. Merle Haggard: Please Mr. DJ 16. Carol Jarvis: Dee Jay With A Broken Heart 17. Floyd Tillman: The Record Goes Round And Round 18. George Morgan: Lonesome Record 19. Joyce Moore: Don't Play Number Ten (On The Juke-Box Tonight) 20. Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper: Don't Play That Song (On The Juke Box Tonight) 21. Vernon Oxford: Turn The Record Over 22. Carson Robison: Making A Record, Parts 1 & 2 23. Jon & Sondra Steele: They All Recorded To Beat The Ban 24. Art Gibson: No More Records 25. Skeets Yaney: Play That Old Song Again
manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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