V.A.-The Cramps Jukebox 2 x CD

V.A.-The Cramps Jukebox 2 x CD
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When Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, founder members and mainstays of the legendary Cramps, were... mehr
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When Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, founder members and mainstays of the legendary Cramps, were invited onto a New Jersey radio station in 2004 to discuss the recent release of their ‘How To Make A Monster’ rarities collection, they barely mentioned the product in question and instead, over the 50 or so minutes of air time they were allocated, they sang the virtues of the records they had both accumulated during a lifetime of collecting and listening to scarce and obscure 45s, all of which, we were told, had ‘a sound to die for’.

This 2CD set includes 1 disc containing thirty original recordings of the songs that this fiendish duo either gave mention of during this interview, or covered, sang the praises of or otherwise made public during their delightfully colorful career – albeit one tragically ended by the untimely death of Lux in 2009. But as ‘Chop Suey Rock’, ‘Do You Mean Jelly Bean’ and‘Caterpillar Crawl’ rub shoulders with twenty seven other gems from an oeuvre it’s difficult to name but easy to recognise, a rare glimpse of the music which informed the work of one of America’s finest ever acts, is presented here for all to enjoy and learn from. Disc 2 of the set includes the full recording of the very interview mentioned above, plus a variety of other discussions with the pair, made throughout the golden age of The Cramps.

Disc 1:
The Versatones : Bila
The Shades : Strollin' After Dark
Paul Peek : Olds Mo William
Jack Scott : The Way I Walk
The Flamingoes : I Only Have Eyes For You
The Riptides : Machine Gun
The Playboys : Jungle Fever
Ray Harris : Come On Little Mama
Jimmie Heap : Gismo
Don Covay : Switchin' In The Kitchen
Ronnie Dawson : Rockin' Bones
Jan & Arnie : Jennie Lee
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates : Shakin' All Over
The Strangers : Caterpiller Crawl
The Caps : Red Headed Flea
The Crescents : Pink Dominoes
Ron Thompson : Switchblade
The Fleetwoods : Unchained Melody
The Enchanters : Café Bohemian
Ersel Hickey : Hangin' Around
Ivan : Real Wild Child
Sheriff & The Ravels : Shombolar
The Instrumentals : Chop Suey Rock
Roland Janes : Guitarville
Jimmy Lloyd : Rocket In My Pocket
Kenny Owen : I Got The Bug
Portuguese Joe : Teenage Riot
Joe Clay : Did You Mean Jelly Bean
Gene Maltais : Crazy Baby
Glen Glenn : Everybody's Movin

Disc 2: Interviews with Lux Interior & Poison Ivy

manufacturer: CHROME DREAMS
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