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Archie and The Bunkers is an American rock’n’roll duo formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2013. The... mehr
Produktinformationen "ARCHIE AND THE BUNKERS - Same LP"

Archie and The Bunkers is an American rock’n’roll duo formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2013. The group consists of teenage brothers Emmett (drum/vocals) and Cullen O’Connor (keys/vocal). The pair began recording music in their basement self-producing their first two EPs (Comrade X, 2013, and Trade Winds, 2014). The band's raw garage punk sound draws heavily from Cullen's melding of divergent musical styles. Influences range from jazz organ greats like Jimmy Smith and Richard “Groove” Holmes, to punk icons Dead Boys, The Stooges, The Screamers, and more.
On stage, the siblings attack their songs with an energy that whips the audience into a frenzy. The unique growl of Cullen’s whirring, over-driven organ and the driving beat of Emmett’s four-piece drum kit, leave concert-goers in shock at the sonic assault levied by just two people. 
This year sees the release of their first full-length album, on Dirty Water Records. Its 12 songs were recorded at the famed  Ghetto Recorders in Detroit. Near-legendary producer/engineer Jim Diamond captured that unique Archie sound that’s been dubbed ‘HI-FI Organ Punk’, a sound that Emmett describes as, “rock’n’roll that’s been peeled back to its raw foundation”.

Track listing:

A1 - Sally Lou

A2 - Lady in RKO

A3 - I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Gonna Do

A4 - Knifuli Knifula

A5 - You’re the Victim

A6 - Different Track

B1 - Miss Taylor

B2 - Austria

B3 - I Wish I Could

B4 - Trade Winds

B5 - The Last Stooge

B6 - Joanie

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