REVOX - Talk About Her 7"

REVOX - Talk About Her 7"
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Side 1. Talk About Her Side 2. Sick of You The is a 7" Vinyl Single of: THE REVOX who are from... mehr
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Side 1. Talk About Her Side 2. Sick of You

The is a 7" Vinyl Single of: THE REVOX who are from the hedonistic francophone mountains of Switzeland, the Wallis, where the jet-setters and cavemen collide. All the cars drive way too fast, everybody drinks too much white wine and they eat way too much Swiss raclette cheese... THE REVOX, are huge record collectors, you hear it on their debut Voodoo Rhythm Records single. THE
REVOX, reclusive mountain punks, are a blast from the past, and their music is inspired by the original Swiss garage and beat scene from back in the mid-60's: The Sevens, The Dynamites, Les Aglions, The Slaves Les Sauterells etc. They claim to be "a scientific time-travel project from NASA in 1966: three Swiss musicians, trained to perform wild and aggressive garage-punk music, frozen underground with the intention of being a secret weapon in case of alien invasion". In 2011 the project was declassified, the ice was melted, and THE REVOX emerged with the intention of destroying the entire world with FUZZ guitars, pounding rhythms and wild screaming. In the spirit of analog, THE REVOX recorded this single for Voodoo Rhythm Records with their own Revox tapedeck! THE REVOX embody nasty, raw, garage-punk sound on their cover of The Sevens' 'Talk About Her' - a classic mid-60's garage punker from Basel legends. The B-Side, 'Sick Of You' is an original REVOX track, roaring in the direction of hysetric-monk screams, wild-stupid beats, and chainsaw-fuzz guitars. "These men are dangerous and they are coming to explode your ears and brain cells with their 60's garage-punk style. So beware, THE REVOX are here to control your minds and your hips, nobody can stop these men!"

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