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CENOBITES - Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions) LP green
CENOBITES - Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions) LP...
Five years it has been since the ‘puzzle box’ of full-length albums has been opened, but now it’s time to unleash the Cenobites again and let them raise some hell with their brand new album “Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions)”! Just like...
15,90 € *
CENOBITES - No Paradise For The Damned CD
CENOBITES - No Paradise For The Damned CD
It's Pinhead time! Rotterdam's CENOBITES with their sixth full length! An hellraisin' Psychobilly mayhem, filled with 12 demonic rockin' tunes from unreal places. They call it a mixture of EXPLOITED, DEMENTED ARE GO, MOTÖRHEAD and Elvis...
12,00 € *
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