CASH, JOHNNY - Amercian Recordings LP

CASH, JOHNNY - Amercian Recordings LP
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American Recordings is the 81st album by the country singer Johnny Cash. It was released in... mehr
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American Recordings is the 81st album by the country singer Johnny Cash. It was released in April 1994 and was the first album issued by American Recordings after its name change from Def American - the album being named after the new label.Cash was approached by producer Rick Rubin and offered a contract with Rubin's American Recordings label, better known for rap and heavy metal than for country music. Under Rubin's supervision, he recorded the album in his living room, accompanied only by his guitar. His successful collaboration with Rick Rubin was in part due to Rubin seeking a minimalist sound for his songs.The album was hailed by critics and many declared it to be Cash's finest album since the late 1960s, while his versions of songs by more modern artists such as Tom Waits and Glenn Danzig helped to bring him a new audience.American Recordings received a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album of the Year at the 1994 Grammy Awards. In 2003, the album was ranked number 364 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Side One
Delia's Gone (2:18)Let The Train Blow The Whistle (2:16)The Beast In Me (8:46)Drive On (2:24)Why Me Lord (2:21)Thirteen (2:30)Oh, Bury Me Not (Introduction: A Cowboy's Prayer) (3:53)

Side Two
Bird On A Wire (4:02)Tennessee Stud (2:55)Down There By The Train (5:35)Redemption (3:04)Like A Soldier (2:50)The Man Who Couldn't Cry (5:01)

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