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you heard about Rock'n'Roll Music right ? you heard about Electro Trash as well right ? .. and... mehr
Produktinformationen "KING AUTOMATIC - Automatic Ray LP"

you heard about Rock'n'Roll Music right ? you heard about Electro Trash as well right ? .. and you are bored of it right ? we've got something very special for you... Imagin you mix up ultra wild Trash Rock'n'roll such as the Billy Childish stuff or the Reatards and mix it up with Devo and Kraftwerk and then with the bluesy tunes os Slim Harpo, and ad off beats by a farfisa Organ.. what do you have now ? you don't know right, couse you're a Nut Ball.. but.... we don't know eather.. we just know that this music presses the Shit out of your ass hole like nothing bevore.Jay aka KING AUTOMATIC was the Drummer of THUNDERCRACK and the one and only fantastic SQUARES, playing all the instruments by him self.. not only on the recordings also LIVE.. this is the NEW WAVE IN RAW BLUES PUNK.. up front wild and trash as fuck... and he's from FRANCE the country who gives you the Splash 4 or No Talents or VOLT...give KING AUTOMATIC a chance and let him X-Ray your Brain with one of the Most Powerfull and Bluesy Trash One Man Band in the World !!!

manufacturer: VOODOO RHYTHM
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