MENTALETTES - Lovers Wasteland 7"

MENTALETTES - Lovers Wasteland 7"
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On february 28th, 2014 it's time for another round of The Mentalettes. The second singles... mehr
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On february 28th, 2014 it's time for another round of The Mentalettes. The second singles shows new sides and comes with two original pieces. There's more psych to the sound and the arrangements are more sophisticated.
 On a bed of fuzz riffs, alarmed organ and with a decent tempo LOVERS' WASTELAND tells the story of the end of a relationship. Disillusioned insight pervades the song in a repeating musical motive and rides toward an inevitable finale.
 The solution for the proposed problem in TIDES is not that simple. With that in mind, the band takes more time to describe in weltering rhythm how hard it can be to clarify your own needs. An environment for contemplation is created with extra long guitar solos, a wonderful tambourine pattern and a drum break that starts the song.
 If you have seen this lively party gang during one of last year's many festival gigs, then you know it is time to get this single while it's hot. Also it will make the time before the upcoming full-length pass more quickly...

Tracks: Lover's Wasteland / Tides

manufacturer: COPASE
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