NEATBEATS - Dance Room Racket LP

NEATBEATS - Dance Room Racket LP
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THE NEATBEATS are one of Japan’s creme de la creme of contemporary 60’s Beat bands.... mehr
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THE NEATBEATS are one of Japan’s creme de la creme of contemporary 60’s Beat bands. These boys are reffered to as the “Japanese KAISERS” and follow the same direction as bands like THE RAPIERS or PETER BERRY & THE SHAKE SET. They formed in 1997 and have their musical roots in the Beatles’ Star Club-Era. Playing on vintage equipment they have a highly authentic as well as accomplished sound and after countless releases (including a Rock’n’Roll Christmas album) on various different labels (they even signed at UNIVERSAL) THE NEATBEATS publish their latest album “Dance Room Racket” in vinyl on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. “Dance Room Racket” consists of sixteen masterpieces of Merseybeat; these tunes are filled with a twistin’ energy taking the best from the rocking sounds of the late 50’s and early- to mid-60’s. As their name already promises, the boys produce some really neat beat indeed! In between wild and danceable party-hits like “Twistin’ Time With You” or “I Want Your Pity” they also mixed in some dreamy, beautiful ballads such as “I Live To Love You” and “Don’t Forget To Write”. Also included are a few cover versions of songs such as for instance the many times covered classic “Unchain My Heart” or Willie Dixon’s “My Babe”. Finally they finish off with a surfin’ instrumental piece. These guys are some very British-sounding Japanese! “Dance Room Racket” by THE NEATBEATS is what you call Merseybeat par excellence.

1) Twistin’ Time With You 2) Make Me Shake 3) I Live To Love You 4) Unchain My Heart 5) I Know A Girl 6) Until The Very End 7) Do You Wanna Dance? 8) The Garage  9) Rockin’ Robin 10) My Babe 11) Lonesome Tears In My Eyes 12) Your Jet 13) Don’t Forget To Write 14) Long Time Ridin’ 15) I Want Your Pity 16) She Wolf On Mars   

manufacturer: SOUNDFLAT
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