TURBO AC's - Damnation Overdrive LP

TURBO AC's - Damnation Overdrive LP
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A brief throwback: Originally, "Damnation Overdrive" came out in 1996 on Blackout! Records (New... mehr
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A brief throwback: Originally, "Damnation Overdrive" came out in 1996 on Blackout! Records (New York). And it really hit a nerve in Europe. Gearhead magazine called them „a younger hungrier SUPERSUCKERS“. Music journalist Markus Kavka drew similarities to SOCIAL DISTORTION in the renowned magazine Metal Hammer. But "Damnation Overdrive" really is more than just 'reminiscent of something else'. It's a brilliant approach to mix surf and punk and deliver it with a raw, energetic sound. It was fresh, it was new, and people were crazy about it. THE TURBO A.C.'s soon had built up a solid fan base all over the world. After their first release, there were six more studio albums and countless tours to come.

"Damnation Overdrive" is full of hits - which makes it even more difficult to only name a few tracks as its highlights. "Puff of Smoke", "Be Fast", "Live to Win", "Eat My Dust" are classics - and after 20 years they haven't lost any of their energetic charm and raw atmosphere. For the album's reissue, THE TURBO A.C.'s mastermind Kevin Cole (vocals / guitar) went over the songs again, remastered them and added two more bonus tracks to the record.


01. Puff of Smoke - Remastered
02. Be Fast - Remastered
03. Live to Win - Remastered
04. Praise the Lord - Remastered
05. Same Ol‘ Drag - Remastered
06. Righteous Ruler - Remastered
07. Eat My Dust - Remastered
08. Superbad - Remastered
09. Graveyard Shifter - Remastered
10. Twist O Flex - Remastered
11. No Lie - Remastered
12. I Don‘t Care - Remastered
13. Chupacabra - Remastered - Bonus Track
14. 13 Seconds - Remastered - Bonus Track

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