V.A. - Bodybags / The Cenobites 7"EP

V.A. - Bodybags / The Cenobites 7"EP
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Furious psychobilly double from Holland on BANDWORM, The result: a bloodthirsty ride with 5... mehr
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Furious psychobilly double from Holland on BANDWORM, The result: a bloodthirsty ride with 5 exclusive tracks to South of the Border, in the footsteps of "Camino del Amor" and looking for "Six Cigarettes". Two fearless Psycho-Companeros goes Mexican western! But don't worry, the affinity is only (English) lyricwise and visually (in the cover artwork), musically both bands remain true and are firmly rooted in their Billy sound. No Country, senor! Nada! The Cenobites goin' straight to her last year's "Paradise for the Damned" Album (BANDWORM 83), strengthen their riffs in the right moments with a punk-note, made by RAZORBLADE Guitarrero Rudo. "Mignight madness" sounds a bit harder, the pace is accelerated and a slightly METALLICA feeling comes on bord. By the way, the vocal similarities to James Hetfield have been attested in almost every review, in combination with their hellraisin' DAG/MÖTORHEAD-Punkabilly it's a really dangerous mix. THE BODY BAGS, founded in 2006 in Arnhem und with a strong debut album on TOMBSTONE under their belt, play in the same division: "Premium Dutch psychobilly" with punchy guitars, jagged drums, a precise feeling for cool melodies and the divine gift of a fantastic singer. He provides the final dressing, change from song to song play between pitches. A bit Robert Smith, a bit Danzig, gifted timbre to psycho-driving hooks and bold lyrics. Collector Notes: One-time edition of 500 copies!
manufacturer: BANDWORM
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