V.A. - Rockabilly Psychosis LP

V.A. - Rockabilly Psychosis LP
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SIDE01 01 LOVE ME The Phantom 02 SURFIN' BIRD The Trashmen 03 PSYCHO The Sonics 04 THE... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A. - Rockabilly Psychosis LP"
SIDE01 01 LOVE ME The Phantom 02 SURFIN' BIRD The Trashmen 03 PSYCHO The Sonics 04 THE CRUSHER The Novas 05 PARALYZED The Legendary Stardust Cowboy 06 SHE SAID Hasil Adkins 07 MY DADDY IS A VAMPIRE The Meteors SIDE02 01 RED HEADED WOMAN Jimmy Dickinson & The Cramps 02 RADIOACTIVE KID The Meteors 03 DATELESS NIGHT Tav Falco & The Panther Burns 04 JACK ON FIRE The Gun Club 05 FOLSOM PRISON BLUES The Geezers 06 CAT-MAN The Sting-Rays Everybody's heard about the bird" - so say The Trashmen and a fitting opener for 14 of the most deranged tracks that you can find. One of the best selling Big Beat releases, this LP is a tribute to the sheer insanity of rock & roll. The Sonics "Psycho", The Novas - "The Crusher", Legendary Stardust Cowboy - "Paralysed" - the titles say it all. Link Wray chewing the blues and spitting out Willie Dixon's "Hidden Charms" (charms??????!!!) and our very own Milkshakes taking on the aforementioned Link Wray on "Run Chicken Run". Apart from that you still get The Cramps with Jimmy Dickinson ripping up Sonny Burgess's "Red Headed Woman", Britain's psychobilly kings The Meteors with a live "My Daddy Is A Vampire" and "Radioactive Kid" along with the late great Gun Club, Tav Falco's Panther Burns with their finest destructobilly and two other bands of this parish the Sting-Rays and The Guana Batz. As it says - 'Not suitable for children' - some of this stuff should never have been let out of its box in the First place - that's why we love it so!!
manufacturer: BIG BEAT
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