DONEGAN, LONNIE - More Than 'Pye In The Sky' 8-CD & 60 PAG.BOOK

DONEGAN, LONNIE - More Than 'Pye In The Sky' 8-CD & 60 PAG.BOOK
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More Than 'Pye In The Sky' 8-CD & 60 PAG.BOOK 8-CD Box (LP-Format) mit 60-seitigem Buch,... mehr
Produktinformationen "DONEGAN, LONNIE - More Than 'Pye In The Sky' 8-CD & 60 PAG.BOOK"

More Than 'Pye In The Sky' 8-CD & 60 PAG.BOOK
8-CD Box (LP-Format) mit 60-seitigem Buch, 209 Einzeltitel. Spieldauer ca. 599 Minuten.

Skiffle war ein Phänomen; Lonnie Donegan war ein Phänomen. Für viele war es ein und dasselbe, bis der Rock'n Roll den Skiffle tötete und Lonnie zu einer Legende in der britischen Musikszene wurde. Diese umrangreiche CD-Box erzählt die gesamte Geschichte von Lonnie bei Decca und Pye aus den Jahren von 1954 bis 1966. Demos aus Lonnies eigener Sammlung und Radioaufzeichnungen runden die 209 Songs in dieser Box ab. Diese Aufnahmen veränderten das Gesicht populärer Musik in England. Vom bahn brechenden 'Rock Island Line' bis zum triumphierenden 'World Cup Willie', hier finden sie sämtliche Hits und Flops zusammen mit seltenen und unveröffentlichten Stücken! Donegan mag der große Star des Skiffle gewesen sein; doch er entwickelte sich weiter und nahm etliche ausgezeichnete Pop- und Country-Titel auf, die ebenfalls auf dieser Box enthalten. Diese Edition liefert zudem eine detaillierte Diskografie, eine Biografie, Dutzende von herrlichen Fotos und sonstigen Erinnerungen sowie ein in diue Tiefe gehendes Interview mit Lonnie Donegan selbst

Medium 1
001 John Henry
002 Nobody's Child
003 Wabash Cannonball
004 Hard Time Blues
005 Nobody's Child
006 You Don't Know My Mind
007 Midnight Special
008 Precious Lord, Lead Me On
009 The Passing Stranger
010 On A Christmas Day
011 Take My Hand, Precious Lord
012 Midnight Special
013 When The Sun Goes Down
014 New Buryin' Ground
015 Worried Man Blues (& DICK BISHOP)
016 Harmonica Blues
017 The Ballad Of Jesse James (& DICK BISHOP)
018 Ol' Riley
019 Railroad Bill
020 Lost John
021 Stewball
022 Stackalee (Stack O' Lee)
023 Bring A Little Water, Sylvie
024 Dead Or Alive
Medium 2
001 How Long, How Long Blues
002 Wabash Cannonball
003 I'm A Ramblin' Man
004 I'm Alabammy Bound
005 Wreck Of The Old '97
006 Nobody's Child
007 I Shall Not Be Moved
008 Rock Island Line
009 Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O
010 Cumberland Gap
011 Love Is Strange
012 Theme From Film 'Light Fingers' (soundtrack)
013 Gamblin' Man (soundtrack)
014 Gamblin' Man
015 Puttin' On The Style
016 My Dixie Darling
017 I'm Just A Rolling Stone
018 Jack O'Diamonds
019 The Grand Coulee Dam
020 Hard Travellin'
021 Ham 'N' Eggs
022 Nobody Loves Like An Irish Man
023 Sally Don't You Grieve
Medium 3
001 Lonesome Traveller
002 Light From The Lighthouse
003 I've Got Rocks In My Bed
004 I've Got Rocks In My Bed (alt.)
005 Long Summer Day
006 The Sunshine Of His Love
007 Times Are Getting Hard Boys
008 Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos
009 Lazy John
010 Betty, Betty, Betty
011 Whoa Buck (Whoa Back, Buck)
012 Shorty George
013 Hard Travellin'
014 Baby Don't You Know That's Love
015 Lonnie With Alan Freeman
016 Lonnie's Skiffle Party (part 1)
017 Lonnie's Skiffle Party (part 2)
018 Darling Corey
019 Bewildered
020 It Is No Secret
021 Hard Travellin'
022 My Lagan Love
023 Rock O' My Soul
024 Aunt Rhody
025 Tom Dooley
Medium 4
001 Kevin Barry
002 My Only Son Was Killed In Dublin
003 Chesapeake Bay
004 Ace In The Hole
005 Fort Worth Jail
006 Battle Of New Orleans
007 Sal's Got A Sugar Lip
008 Just A Closer Walk With Thee
009 Ice Cream
010 Fancy Talking Tinker
011 Gloryland
012 The Goldrush Is Over
013 The House Of The Rising Sun
014 Miss Otis Regrets
015 Take This Hammer
016 San Miguel
017 Jimmie Brown The Newsboy
018 John Hardy
019 John Hardy (alt.)
020 Mr. Froggy
021 You Pass Me By
022 Talking Guitar Blues (US version)
023 Talking Guitar Blues (british version)
024 The Golden Vanity
025 My Old Man's A Dustman
Medium 5
001 I Wanna Go Home (The Wreck Of...) (edited)
002 I Wanna Go Home (The Wreck Of The John B.)
003 Take This Hammer
004 Corrine, Corrina
005 In All My Wildest Dreams
006 Beyond The Sunset
007 Nobody Understands Me
008 Junco Partner (Junko Partner)
009 Lorelei
010 The Wreck Of The John B.
011 Sorry, But I'm Gonna Have To Pass
012 Lively!
013 Black Cat (Crossed My Path Today)
014 Banana Split For My Baby
015 Leave My Woman Alone
016 (Bury Me) Beneath The Willow
017 Beyond The Sunset
018 When I Was Young
019 Virgin Mary
020 Just A-Wearying For You
021 Ramblin' Round
022 Have A Drink On Me
023 Seven Daffodils (Seven Golden Daffodils)
024 Keep On The Sunny Side
025 Tiger Rag
026 Michael, Row The Boat (mono)
027 Lumbered
028 Michael, Row The Boat (stereo)
029 Red Berets
Medium 6
001 The Comancheros
002 The Party's Over
003 Over The Rainbow
004 I'll Never Fall In Love Again
005 (It Was) A Very Good Year
006 I'll Never Smile Again
007 I'll Never Fall In Love Again (alt.)
008 His Eye Is On The Sparrow
009 Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
010 Steal Away
011 Good News! Chariots A'Comin'
012 Born In Bethlehem
013 Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho
014 New Burying Ground
015 No Hiding Place
016 Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord
017 Sing Hallelujah
018 This Train
019 We Shall Walk Through The Valley
020 Keep On The Sunny Side
021 Pick A Bale Of Cotton
022 The Market Song (& MAX MILLER)
023 Tit-Bits (& MAX MILLER)
024 Losing By A Hair
025 Trumpet Sounds
026 Rise Up
027 I've Gotta Girl So Fine
028 It's A Long Road To Travel
Medium 7
001 Lemon Tree
002 500 Miles Away From Home
003 Cajun Joe (The Bully Of The Bayou)
004 Fisherman's Luck
005 Louisiana Man
006 Interstate Forty
007 Bad News
008 There's A Big Wheel
009 Dianonds Of Dew
010 Nothing To Gain
011 Lovey Told Me Goodbye
012 Beans In My Ears
013 Get Out Of My Life
014 Blistered
015 Bound For Zion
016 Where In This World Are We Going
017 The Doctor's Daughter
018 Reverend Mr. Black
019 Farewell (Fare Thee Well)
020 Wedding Bells
021 Won't You Tell Me
022 My Sweet Marie
023 After Taxes
024 I'm Gonna Be A Bachelor
025 She Was T-Bone Talking Woman
026 World Cup Willie
027 Ding Ding
028 Leaving Blues
029 Auntie Maggie's Remedy
Medium 8
001 Leavin' Blues
002 Bury My Body
003 Diggin' My Potatoes
004 When I Move To The Sky (& OTILIE PATTERSON)
005 On A Monday
006 (In The Evening) When The Sun Goes Down
007 Midnight Special
008 Railroad Bill
009 I'm Alabammy Bound
010 Cumberland Gap
011 Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O
012 Bring A Little Water, Sylvie
013 On A Monday
014 Old Hannah (Go Down Old Hannah)
015 Muleskinner Blues
016 Precious Memories (& DICK BISHOP)
017 Brother Moses Smote The Water
018 Ella Speed
019 Glory (false start)
020 Black Girl
021 Glory

manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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