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Our favourite rockers are set to break your heart once more by giving birth to their newest... mehr
Produktinformationen "HEARTBREAK ENGINES-One Hour Hero CD"
Our favourite rockers are set to break your heart once more by giving birth to their newest effort “One Hour Hero” on September 17th, 2007. A mature production and premium song writing, a never heard before catchiness alongside with the savageness of their debut is captured in the new songs. Stompers like “Black Gold Rebel” and hymns like “Bad Job Jesus” alongside with straight forward smackers like the title track or “Mountain Of Madness” display the diversity of “One Hour Hero” and The HEARTBRAK ENGINES unique style.

Having the world famous and sickest R`n`R outfit DEMENTED ARE GO being big fans of the ENGINES, the gorgeous idea came up to have Enfant terrible and front weirdo Sparky contributing his very unique vocals (rumours telling for the first time ever apart from DEMENTED ARE GO) in a awesome duet with Lou on the closing track “Gunwich”. Another interesting fact that’s cementing HEARTBRAK ENGINES’s outstanding skills: The renowned DEMENTED ARE GO hired HEARTBRAK ENGINES’s founding member and slap-bass devil Grischa as new band-member after the very first rehearsal. In 2007 the HEARTBRAK ENGINES set their sights high and deliver with “One Hour Hero” an album that will easily set itself apart from the pack. Rock has seldom sounded so alive - HEARTBREAK FOREVER!!!


1. One Hour Hero 2. Love`s A Dagger 3. Black Gold Rebel 4. Give It Up 5. God`s Black Day 6. Invisible Wounds 7. Morning Star 8. Bad Job Jesus 9. Mountain Of Madness 10. Not My War 11. Gunwitch (Special Guest on Vocals: Sparky / DEMENTED ARE GO)
manufacturer: PEOPLE LIKE YOU
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