JACKSON, WANDA - Right Or Wrong (1954-62) 4-CD-Box & Book

JACKSON, WANDA - Right Or Wrong (1954-62) 4-CD-Box & Book
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 Right Or Wrong (1954-62) 4-CD-Box&40p.Book Und wie sie singen konnte! Mit siebzehn... mehr
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 Right Or Wrong (1954-62) 4-CD-Box&40p.Book
Und wie sie singen konnte! Mit siebzehn hatte sie ein Date mit Elvis, und als der ihr empfahl, zum Rock 'n' Roll zu wechseln, tat sie wie ihr geraten! Damit begann das Feuerwerk! Auf dieser Box finden sich all ihre großartigen Rock-Aufnahmen, die frühen Decca- und alle Capitol-Aufnahmen, bis ins Jahr 1962. 'Fujiyama Mama', 'Mean Mean Man', 'Party', 'I Gotta Know', usw... und die Countrynummern wie 'Right Or Wrong' und 'In The Middle Of A Heartache' sowie 'Silver Threads And Golden Needles', alle im Original, außerdem die Originalversion des Songs, den sie für Buck Owens schrieb, 'Kickin' Our Hearts Around'. Hören Sie die dynamische Spielweise des Gitarristen Roy Clark, dazu Al Downing und die Poe Cats sowie die besten Studiomusiker aus Los Angeles. Schauen Sie auch in unsere COUNTRY-Abteilung nach der Fortsetzung mit Wandas Capitol-Aufnahmen der Jahre 1963-1973
Medium 1
001 If You Knew What I Know
002 Lovin' Country Style
003 The Heart You Could Have Had
004 The Right To Love
005 You Can't Have My Love (& BILLY GRAY)
006 If You Don't, Somebody Else Will (& B. GRAY)
007 You'd Be The First One To Know
008 It's The Same World (Wherever You Go)
009 Tears At The Grand Ole Opry
010 Don't Do The Things He'd Do
011 Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
012 Wasted
013 I Cried Again
014 I'd Rather Have A Broken Heart
015 You Won't Forget (About Me)
016 Step By Step
017 Half As Good A Girl
018 I Gotta Know
019 Cryin' Thru The Night
020 Baby Loves Him
021 Honey Bop
022 Silver Threads And Golden Needles
023 Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
024 Did You Miss Me
025 Cool Love
026 Let Me Explain
027 Don'a Wan'a
028 No Wedding Bells For Joe
029 Fujiyama Mama
030 Just Queen For A Day
Medium 2
001 Making Believe
002 Just Call Me Lonesome
003 Happy, Happy Birthday
004 Let Me Go, Lover
005 (Let's Have A) Party
006 Day Dreaming
007 Heartbreak Ahead
008 Here We Are Again
009 I Wanna Waltz
010 I Can't Make My Dreams Understand
011 Money Honey
012 Long Tall Sally
013 Sinful Heart
014 Mean Mean Man
015 Rock Your Baby
016 A Date With Jerry
017 (Every Time They Play) Our Song
018 You've Turned To A Stranger
019 Reaching
020 I'd Rather Have You
021 Savin' My Love
022 You're The One For Me
023 In The Middle Of A Heartache
024 Please Call Today
025 My Destiny
026 The Wrong Kind Of Girl
027 Kansas City
028 Fallin'
029 Sparkling Brown Eyes
030 Hard Headed Woman
031 Baby, Baby, Bye Bye
032 It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Medium 3
001 Lonely Weekends
002 Tweedle Dee
003 Riot In Cell Block # 9
004 Little Charm Bracelet
005 Right Or Wrong
006 Funnel Of Love
007 Tongue Tied
008 There's A Party Goin' On
009 Lost Weekend
010 Man We Had A Party
011 Why I'm Walkin'
012 I May Never Get To Heaven
013 Stupid Cupid
014 Brown Eyed Handsome Man
015 I Cried Again
016 The Last Letter
017 Who Shot Sam
018 Slippin' And Slidin'
019 My Baby Left Me
020 So Soon
021 The Window Up Above
022 Sticks And Stones
023 I Don't Wanta Go
024 In The Middle Of A Heartache
025 A Little Bitty Tear
026 I'd Be Ashamed
027 Seven Lonely Days
028 Don't Ask Me Why
029 I Need You Now
030 This Should Go On Forever
031 Is It Wrong
032 We Could
Medium 4
001 You Don't Know, Baby
002 Before I Lose My Mind
003 The Tip Of My Fingers
004 Let Me Talk To You
005 (Let's Stop) Kickin' Our Hearts Around
006 Between The Window And The Phone
007 If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me
008 I Misunderstood
009 Let My Love Walk In
010 To Tell You The Truth
011 To Tell You The Truth
012 The Greatest Actor
013 You Bug Me Bad
014 One Teardrop At A Time
015 Funny How Time Slips Away
016 These Empty Arms
017 But I Was Lying
018 We Haven't A Moment To Lose
019 How Important Can It Be
020 I May Never Get To Heaven
021 The Things I Might Have Been
022 Little Things Mean A Lot
023 Have You Ever Been Lonely
024 Please Love Me Forever
025 Since I Met You Baby
026 May You Never Be Alone
027 Sympathy
028 Whirlpool
029 Pledging My Love
030 What Am I Living For

manufacturer: BEAR FAMILY
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