V.A. - Party Date CD

V.A. - Party Date CD
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THE SWINGIN’ SOUNDS: Mary Jane, MILES CONNOR: I Don’t Need You Anymore, DENNIS HUNT: Story... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A. - Party Date CD"
THE SWINGIN’ SOUNDS: Mary Jane, MILES CONNOR: I Don’t Need You Anymore, DENNIS HUNT: Story Untold, PERCY & THE ROCKIN’ ACES: She Don’t Cry In Vain, AUSTIN WOOD: So Let’s Rock, THE YOUNG MEN FOUR: The Walk, BUDDY HUGHEY: The More I Learn To Care, THE REGENTS, Vocal JIMMY JORDAN: Albino Bat, JIMMY & JAMES & THE TEMPOS: The Moon Will Shine, JIM BEASLEY & THE CHARMERS: Caught Roped And Tied, THE ROULETTES ORCH.: Why Oh Why, THE SABRES, Vocal LOUIS GITTENS: Puppet, THE ROYAL JACKS: I’m In Love Again, TERRY LEE & THE POOR BOYS: My Little Sue, CARL CANIDA: Party Date, GORDIE SULLIVAN: Rocking Chair Mama, GEO. LESTER: Cold Dark Night, SAM HALL & THE MOR-LOCKS: Elaine, FABULOUS ROCKETS / BILLY COSTA: Cheatin’ Gigolo, THE SABRES, Vocal LOUIS GITTENS: My Hot Mama, THE THREE CLICKS: Rockin Along, JIMMY & JAMES & THE TEMPOS: No Kisses Have I, CHUCK BARR & THE PLAYBOYS: “Joe Botch”, BOB HALLEY: Annie Threw A Party, RAY SALTER: Live And Love, THE THREE CLICKS: 38 Slug, BILL ELKINS: You Made Me Mad (And That’s Bad), ANDY & THE GIGOLOS, vcl. VIC HOLVECK: Bop Diddle Widdle, AL CHASE & THE MIDNITERS: Lubby Lou, KENNY DALE: Cindy Lee
manufacturer: BUFFALO BOP
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