V.A. - Rock-a-billy Barnyard CD

V.A. - Rock-a-billy Barnyard CD
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  • BB-CD55171
DEKE WADE: Tall Oak Tree, TED NEWTON: Tennessee Rhythm, TRUITT FORSE: Chicken Bop, AL URBAN:... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A. - Rock-a-billy Barnyard CD"
DEKE WADE: Tall Oak Tree, TED NEWTON: Tennessee Rhythm, TRUITT FORSE: Chicken Bop, AL URBAN: Gonna Be Better Times, GENTLEMAN JIM: If You Don’t Like My Apples (Don’t Shake My Tree), TED NEWTON: Walkin’ Down The Road, DAYTON SMITH AND THE ROVING WARRIORS: What Will The Answer Be, TOMMY SMITH: Born Unlucky, HUNTER WATTS: Big Daddy Rock, EMERY BLADES - RAINBOW RHYTHMAIRES: Look What You Done To Me, EUEL HALL AND THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Blue Feeling, TRUITT FORSE: Doggone Dame, BARNEY BURCHAM WITH THE MOON BEAMS: I Fell, FRANK STARR AND HIS ROCK-AWAY BOYS: The Dirty Bird Song, AL URBAN: Won’t Tell You Her Name, HUNTER WATTS: Wild Man Rock, EMERY BLADES: The Rock And Roll Carpenter, EUEL HALL AND THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Stand In Line, NOLAN RICHARDSON: Loving Machine, REBEL WRIGHT AND THE CIMMARONS: I’m A Long Gone Daddy, THE HARMONY TWINS: Barnyard Rock ’N’ Roll, BOBBY FIELDS AND THE HARMONY FOUR: Girl From Tennessee, JOHNNY WATSON: Come To The Party, HANK RECTOR: I’m Gonna Let You Go, ELDON HUGHES: Don’t Let Your Love Grow Old, CHUCK ATHA: O O H - E E E (What You Do To Me), RAY CORBIN: The Whole Night Long, WAYNE CROSS - WITH PORTER FENDER AND THE RHYTHM KINGS: Stranger In Black, SMOKEY STOVER: On The Warpath, DAVID SUTHERLAND AND THE SOUTHERNS: You Better Leave My Baby Alone
manufacturer: BUFFALO BOP
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