V.A.-Bad Boys For Life Double DVD

V.A.-Bad Boys For Life Double DVD
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  • PRISON087-7
Most exciting People Like You Acts on 2!! DVD`s for a price of 1!!! CD!!!.Featuring Live... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A.-Bad Boys For Life Double DVD"
Most exciting People Like You Acts on 2!! DVD`s for a price of 1!!! CD!!!.Featuring Live Performances Of Best Rocking Underground Artists of today recorded live on the "Where The Bad Boys Rock" Tour 2004!! Featuring: THE BONES, DEMENTED ARE GO, DIE HUNNS (featuring Duane Peters / US BOMBS & Corey Parks / NASHVILLE PUSSY), and DAMNATION.Including Tons of Bonus Footage, Videoclips, Interviews and Specials of THE GENERATORS, THE BONES, BLOODJUNKIES, MAD SIN, ADAM WEST, VENEREA, THE REVOLVERS, AMERICAN HEARTBREAK & many others. Over 150 minutes playing time.TRACKLISTING:DAMNATION:Swine/California Demons/13/Hellrace/Eating our Enemies/Lord of the Flies/66613/DIE HUNNS:Intro/Time has come today/Tragedy/Wild/Surf Sacrifice/Hunns Anthem/Hate N´ Love/Nuke HB/DEMENTED ARE GO:intro) Love seeps like a festering sore/Sickness of truth/Where you gonna go/Destruction Boy/Holy Hack Jack/Pervy in the park/THE BONES:Screwed, Blued & Tattooed/Pumpin´ Gas/Denial/Home Sweet Hell/Chrome, Smoke And Thunder Roads/Memphis´77Bonus Material:ADAM WEST - God`s Gift To Women 2:51 Videoclip/AMERICAN HEARTBREAK - Postcards from Hell 4:11 Videoclip/AMERICAN HEARTBREAK - Rotten Apple 5:07 Videoclip/DEADLINE - Last Night 3:04 Videoclip/DIE HUNNS - Hate`n`Love 3:06 Videoclip/MAD SIN - All This & More 2:53 Videoclip/RAYMEN - Home Is Where The Heart Is 2:15 Videoclip/SUNRIDE - False Independence (Live) 4:03 Liveclip/THE BONES - Dead End Cruisin` 3:29 Videoclip/THE BONES - Do You Wanna 2:51 Videoclip/THE GENERATORS - Documentary 15:00 Documentary/THE GENERATORS - Down In The City 3:39 Videoclip/THE REVOLVERS - Narrowminded but ain`t got a clue 3:13 Videoclip/THE SPOOK - Fright Night 3:26 Videoclip/THUG MURDER - I Fought The Law 2:15 Videoclip/THUG MURDER - Double Fist 1:47 Videoclip/VENEREA - Back To The Start 2:48 Videoclip
manufacturer: PEOPLE LIKE YOU
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