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As soon as Adios Pantalones burst onto the scene they stood out. These were young lads playing... mehr
Produktinformationen "ADIOS PANTALONES - Playtime CD"

As soon as Adios Pantalones burst onto the scene they stood out. These were young lads playing fast old-fashioned psychobilly that blew yer pants off. After their 2009 demo and split album Clash Of The Primitives – the splendid platter from 2013 with cowpunkabillies The Grave Brothers – they set sail to The Yellow Tape in Ghent for authentic analog recordings.

It might have taken ‘em almost ten years to come up with their first long-player, but it’s been well worth the wait. Sound- and songwise “Playtime!” is a time warp to the heyday of psycho in the mid-eighties, with bits of hillbilly lunacy thrown in for good measure.

Nico Pantaloné’s scruffy pipes and thumping upright bass go boom over the trashbeat of drummer Gerrit Renaer. Guitar player Gilles Deschamps also created the one-of-a-kind cover art, ‘cause he’s a crack graphic artist as well under the name King Rat. For the record: the song title “Sjock” does not contain a typo, it’s a tribute to the legendary Sjock festival in Belgium.

The “Playtime!” finale has Adios Pantalones banging an organ to go extra mental for an instrumental blowout.

This nutty ditty is called “Vlaagske”, which is Flemish slang for the come n’ go haze in the head after droppin’ XTC. You don’t need bop pills when you play this record, “Playtime!” will plunge you into a psychotic vlaagske twelve times in a row.

Track list:

01. End of the Line
02. Setting Sail
03. Trashbeat
04. Playtime
05. Flamingo
06. Ragin' Fury
07. Oblivion
08. Pink Buffalo
09 Fool's Crown
10. Sjock
11. Whiskeybar
12. Vlaagske

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