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I have painstakingly investigated the rock and roll band Sultans of Jungle. It has proven an... mehr
Produktinformationen "SULTANS OF JUNGLE - Punchlines CD"

I have painstakingly investigated the rock and roll band Sultans of Jungle. It has proven an almost impossible task to track its fate through recent history. Hearsay, gossip, cursory sightings of band members and anecdotes from lunatic asylums are all I have had to work with.
The band left behind one recording, Zulu Stomp/No Looking Back (GRS-103A) in 1995 – and disappeared. Only fragmentary, highly unreliable information is available of their whereabouts since then.
The singer, or someone resembling him, has at one point been spotted, turban-less, roaming the African continent, somewhere around Kenya.
For more than a decade, there were no reliable sightings of the guitarist. Not even the faintest sound from his moaning and twanging Stratocaster has been heard.
The drummer has left more traces of his whereabouts. He has, with some certainty, been sighted on stage with various bands in both Russia and the United States and, most likely, somewhere in between.
The bass player has also appeared occasionally, together with big names on various Middle-European concert stages. It has been said that he’s great solo artist too. God damn these universal rockers!
Then, after having been off the radar completely, Sultans of Jungle surprise everyone, including yours truly, by appearing on stage in 2016 at the Rock and Roll Jamboree in Helsinki. After that they have rock a few houses around Finland and these recordings were made spring 2017.
One of the furious remainings from the past is Button Nose/It Thing Hard On, a recording originally caught on C-cassette and now taking pride of place as the final songs on Punchlines. Nobody can name the place or even the year.
I have listened to this record carefully and analytically. My objective, professional verdict is as follows:
It is a rock and roll experience that may change your life.
It could cause involuntary dancing.
It will blow your mind.
You have been warned.

Quasso Voluto
PhD, professor
Dept of Rock Archaeology

1. HELP YOU ANN                    Jeff Conolly
2. TURN ME LOOSE                    Troy Caldwell
3. BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST            Rudi Protrudi, Mike Chandler
4. TEMPATION                        Arthur Freed, Nacio Herb Brown
5. STILL AS THE NIGHT                 Lee Hazlewood
6. CHEROKEE DANCE                    Robert ”Bob” Landers
7. SPY FROM SHANGHAI                Kola Pietiläinen
8. WHEN AN´ WHERE DID YOU DO IT?        Jani J.J. Penttinen
9. MAN ON THE GROUND                Jani J.J. Penttinen
10. PRIMITIVE                        The Groupies, Steven Venet
11. STAMPEDE                        Bert Salmirs, Pete Antonio,Wally Zober
12. BUTTON NOSE                    Benjamin Eidson
13. IT THING HARD ON                Poison Ivy Rorchach Lux Interior

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