V.A. - Eighteen Wheelers LP ltd.

V.A. - Eighteen Wheelers LP ltd.
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'TWISTED TALES FROM THE TRUCKSTOPS' - German version, limited to 500 copies, for much better... mehr
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'TWISTED TALES FROM THE TRUCKSTOPS' - German version, limited to 500 copies, for much better price and with better sound!
Gathered here are some of the toughest cuts from the trucking genre, originally from the '60s and early-mid '70s. These tracks were taken from small label 45s cut by blue collar men who drove an 18 wheeler by day and picked up a guitar on the weekend to tell stories of highway mayhem, double clutchin', gear bustin' and coffee drinking. This collection will literally put you in the seat for a road trip you'll never forget. You will almost smell the diesel fumes. That's a big 10-4!

SIDE 1: 1. Bill Woods - Truck Driving Man 2. Billy Deaton - Six Cents A Mile 3. Benny Barnes - Diesel Smoke 4. Harold Crosby - Big Big Truck 5. Gene Satterfield - Double Clutchin' Man 6. Truman Langford - Freight Liner Fever 7. Stan Farlow - Hot Wheels 8. Sir Calvin Coolidge - Big Diesel Man 9. Terry Fell - Coffee Jim, The Trucker SIDE 2: 1. Lloyd Howell - Truck Driving "Jack" 2. Ray Salter - Truck Driver's Dream 3. Claude Allen - Big Wheels 4. Autry Inman - Big Sam 5. Lonnie Irving - Trucker's Vitus 6. Bobby Edison - Truck Driver's Life 7. Red Simpson - I'm A Truck 8. Bobby Braddock - Gear Bustin' Sort Of Feller 9. Dick Mosely - Truck Stop Number Three

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