V.A. - Sick Taste Records 2LP ltd.

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V.A. - Sick Taste Records 2 x LP ltd. Gatefold sleeve, 2 x LP, ltd.to 150 numbered copies!... mehr
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V.A. - Sick Taste Records 2 x LP ltd.

Gatefold sleeve, 2 x LP, ltd.to 150 numbered copies!

Unique sampler from this great new label!

Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Bluegrass, Celtic, Country, Gothic Metal, Hillbilly, Horror Rock, Psychobilly, Oi, Rockabilly, Thrash, Surf, Industrial

Scarecrow (15)     Don´t Break My Skull Again     3:36
–Black Trail     Advert Yourself     3:55
–28 Spline     Can´t Get Enough Of You     3:02
–All The Ashes     Elegy In The Winter     4:25
–Holy Madness     Tief Im Wald     3:04
–5¢ Freakshow     Night Of The Zombie Fight     1:12
–Thee Flanders     Blind Date Killer     3:00
–Rampires     Black Mummies Alive     2:31
–Blue Rockin'     Teenage Sex Treansfusion     3:25
–Suburban Drugdealers     Will the Circle     4:27
–KoneKrawallKlub     Ebola     3:12
–Bathead     Bat Taste     5:26
–Grave Robber     Straight To Hell     3:21
–The New Warrings     Zombie Crew     3:32
–Motorzombis     Goremageddon     3:47
–Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space     Children Of The Grave     3:50
–The Surfin Retardos     Theme Of The Surfin Retardos    
–Zweite Jugend Ft. Liss Eulenherz     Die Ganze Nacht     3:06
–Dread Cabinet     Golem ( Deutsch )     4:31
–Thee Twangjackets     Two Headed Shark Attack     4:05
–Dr. Geek & The Cult Of Men     Love After Death     2:45
–Jamey Rottencorpse & The Rising Dead     Heroin ( Accoustic Nightmare )     3:58
–Chaneys     The Silent Witness     3:22
–Humanoidz From the Deep     Those Hungry Creatures     2:02
–Sinnesloschen     Licht     3:27
–Rod Usher     Outer Space     4:25
–The Order Of The Fly     Bury Me Alive     3:59
–Molly Fancher     Welcome To The Sematary     3:18

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