V.A. - Sick Taste Records 2LP ltd.Box

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V.A. - Sick Taste Records 2 x LP ltd. Gatefold sleeve, 2 x LP, ltd.to 250 numbered copies!... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A. - Sick Taste Records 2LP ltd.Box"

V.A. - Sick Taste Records 2 x LP ltd.

Gatefold sleeve, 2 x LP, ltd.to 250 numbered copies!

2 x smokey Green and smokey Red Vinyl, ltd to 250 copies!
in printed Pizzabox + 32 merch articles from the featured bands!

Unique sampler from this great new label!

Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Bluegrass, Celtic, Country, Gothic Metal, Hillbilly, Horror Rock, Psychobilly, Oi, Rockabilly, Thrash, Surf, Industrial

Scarecrow (15)     Don´t Break My Skull Again     3:36
–Black Trail     Advert Yourself     3:55
–28 Spline     Can´t Get Enough Of You     3:02
–All The Ashes     Elegy In The Winter     4:25
–Holy Madness     Tief Im Wald     3:04
–5¢ Freakshow     Night Of The Zombie Fight     1:12
–Thee Flanders     Blind Date Killer     3:00
–Rampires     Black Mummies Alive     2:31
–Blue Rockin'     Teenage Sex Treansfusion     3:25
–Suburban Drugdealers     Will the Circle     4:27
–KoneKrawallKlub     Ebola     3:12
–Bathead     Bat Taste     5:26
–Grave Robber     Straight To Hell     3:21
–The New Warrings     Zombie Crew     3:32
–Motorzombis     Goremageddon     3:47
–Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space     Children Of The Grave     3:50
–The Surfin Retardos     Theme Of The Surfin Retardos    
–Zweite Jugend Ft. Liss Eulenherz     Die Ganze Nacht     3:06
–Dread Cabinet     Golem ( Deutsch )     4:31
–Thee Twangjackets     Two Headed Shark Attack     4:05
–Dr. Geek & The Cult Of Men     Love After Death     2:45
–Jamey Rottencorpse & The Rising Dead     Heroin ( Accoustic Nightmare )     3:58
–Chaneys     The Silent Witness     3:22
–Humanoidz From the Deep     Those Hungry Creatures     2:02
–Sinnesloschen     Licht     3:27
–Rod Usher     Outer Space     4:25
–The Order Of The Fly     Bury Me Alive     3:59
–Molly Fancher     Welcome To The Sematary     3:18

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