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1998 the Dead Brothers started in Geneva Switzerland a Whole New Music Area. They mixed Gipsy... mehr
Produktinformationen "DEAD BROTHERS-5th Sin-Phonie LP"

1998 the Dead Brothers started in Geneva Switzerland a Whole New Music Area. They mixed Gipsy Music with Blues Rock’n’Roll and Delinquent Jazz. They called themselves the Only Real Heavy Metal Band, sometimes they had up to 9 tubas on stage doing a Bo Diddley Beat. Now after 13 years and 4 full length albums, tours around the globe ( with T-Model Ford, Bob Log III, Reverend Beat-Man), appearances in operas, personal tsunami changes, movie soundtracks, they opening the door to another area of the weird necromantic wild and bizarre world from Dead Alain Croubalian and his one and only Death Blues Funeral String Orchestra with many new sinners:
Mago Dead Flueck ( Zeno tornado, Filewile), Resli Dead Burri ( les trios Suisse , Padent Ochsner etc ), Matthias Dead Lincke, Balts Dead Nill (Stiller Haas) and Stefan Dead Baumann. A lot of the tracks are recorded in a barn in the Swiss mountains. The songs are mostly originals incl. the amazing “Death Blues” and “The power a secret holds”, except Undertones punk rock hymn “Teenage Kicks” and the Bauhaus necro new wave classic “Bella Lugosi’s Dead”. New as well is the song writing aspect. Most of the the lyrics are co. written by Marc A. Littler (Mr. Slowboat Films) so be WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE and to the Obscure Cabinet of the AMAZING DEAD BROTHERS.

1. Drunkards Walk
2. Death Blues
3. The Story it's Always the Same
4. The Power a Secret Holds
5. Bela Lugosi’s Dead
6. Tic Tac
7. Drunkards Dream
8. I am all I got
9. Langenthal
10. Exotic Odyssey
11. Policeman
12. Teenage Kicks
13. How Deep is the Water?

manufacturer: VOODOO RHYTHM
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