EXCITERS - Perpetual Happening LP

EXCITERS - Perpetual Happening LP
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Mojo magazine then said that their debut album "is shot through with a raging garage scuzz that... mehr
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Mojo magazine then said that their debut album "is shot through with a raging garage scuzz that is only properly realised on black plastic.

When you hear the howls of vocalist Paul Brock you know the band mines the Nuggets motherlode.

If this is your kind of thing, a deep sense of well-being awaits." Back then they were a groovy, hip-shaking bastardization of the first Them album that'd been getting it on the Shadows of Knights and Count Five.

Righteous, strip-me-naked-and-paint-me FUZZRAWK was their thing! But in the last couple of years they've been hanging out in late-'60s Texas, eating peyote and dropping acid, watching the Golden Dawn and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, getting an itch to stick a toe into the new, happening sounds whilst still not wanting to move too far out of the garage.

Taking their earlier proto-punk MC5 / Stooges sound they've chucked in some acid tabs of psychedelia to come up with a second album that will out perform their debut.

The playing is tight throughout, with hard, bluesy licks and fuzzed-out guitars battling with distorted, spacey vocals.

Forget whoever is flavour of the month right now. Just listen to this and you know that they really f*cking mean it.

This is a truly thrilling 21st-century take on the most primitive and visceral sixties garage-psych but way too raw and and punked-out for it to be considered retro or a mere period piece.

It's time once again to get excited!

manufacturer: DIRTY WATER
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