MONSTERS - I See Dead People LP

MONSTERS - I See Dead People LP
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It's our 6th album now and the first album with the Amazing Clone Drum Set !!!, we started in... mehr
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It's our 6th album now and the first album with the Amazing Clone Drum Set !!!, we started in 1986 the recordings and the songs went trashier and more Fuzz and Feedback every year ..... for this record we bought our own home made studio with mixing desk and a 1.5 inch tape machine and microphones from the trashcan, Pumi our Live Mixer and Janosh recorded it in a week, for the first 1000 copies we did a 1000 piece puzzle and a pox as a sleeve... but that item is sold out already now we present you the official version of this TRASH PICE, when we started making the songs for this record I had no lust to write any lyrics to that so we made up most songs free and I sung what I felt like to sing.. it's anyway all about killing killing some more the falling in love and get killed go to hell and having fun down there...
THIS RECORD IS FULL TRASH, I DON'T THINK THAT ANY SERIOUS RADIO STATION GONNA PLAY THIS BUT IF SO... THEN WE HAVE A CHOISE TO GIVE YOU ON YOUR WAY... PLAY LOUD AS POSSIBLE...we recorded is loud as fuck, so the neighbours came over a view times while we recording that record. but even better is if you come to our shows and we blow your brain away in one second !!!


1. the love I never had
2. fuck my brain
3. I see dead people
4. Sonic Nightmares
5. Acid Dreams
6. Oh Wrong
7. the other man
8. I'm going away girl
9. I kiss you dead
10. Boss
11. .. and then you cry
12. you know why
13. burn in flames
14. digging my grave

manufacturer: VOODOO RHYTHM
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