JOHNNY NIGHTMARE - Psychobilly Scarecrow CD

JOHNNY NIGHTMARE - Psychobilly Scarecrow CD
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Johnny Nightmare (ex- Godless Wicked Creeps) proudly present their next onslaught of psychobilly... mehr
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Johnny Nightmare (ex- Godless Wicked Creeps) proudly present their next onslaught of psychobilly madness, with the long awaited follow-up album to Here's Johnny.

Psychobilly Scarecrow is a gut-crushing, skull-splitting, nerve-wrecking piece of no bullshit psychobilly. This demon of an album is even faster, catchier and more demented than the debut. The double-bass and vocal work of Dax Dragster is more mind-blowing and desperate than ever. Butch E.R.'s trademark single-string riffing leaves your ears bleeding and your head exploding, while Bone The Beater's machine-like stomp makes Psychobilly Scarecrow come full circle.

You started playing with the devil on Here's Johnny. Now get ready for a 35 minute ride through those parts of hell where even the devil fears to tread. Get ready for Psychobilly Scarecrow!!!


The Nightmare Begins – Ridden By The Demon Goddess
Big Black River
Endless Hallway
Vampire In The Sun
Holiday In Hell
Outta My Grave – Into Your Heart
Dagger Love
Ten Dead Girls
Voodoo Hate Tribe (Death Is Not The End)
Lucy Forever
Bloody Nightmare
Psychobilly Scarecrow
Surfing The Hell-gap
Bring Her Back – Lucifer Rose From Her Ashes

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