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TREMOLO BEER GUT - You Can't Handle...LP TREMOLO BEER GUT - You Can't Handle...LP
Instrumental Surf Rock and Garage from Denmark! Incl. many guests: Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes), Jon Spencer (The Blues Explosion & Heavy Trash) (The Blues Explosion & Heavy Trash), Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog), Evan D. Foster (The...
23,50 € *
New 2018 CD by famous danish band POWERSOLO! 1What'd She Say? 2Track 2 3Back In Town 4Fifteen Minutes 5Absinth 6Lonely Gal 7Try Another Town 8Miles Around 9Lost Angeles 10Tornado 11The Box 12The Railthin Brothers Theme 13When She Falls
15,90 € *
TREMOLO BEER GUT - Qui Le Fuck Êtes​-​Vous? LP TREMOLO BEER GUT - Qui Le Fuck Êtes​-​Vous? LP
Nous Sommes The Tremolo Beer Gut… Qui Le Fuck Êtes​-​Vous? LP Delirium Tremolo 9 Times The Pain Shoreditch Capone Junkie Tools Damn Right More The Man I Used To Be Zoo Bizarre Opium Svengali The Old Back Hand The Motherfucking G Nosy...
22,90 € *
POWERSOLO-Bloodskinbones CD POWERSOLO-Bloodskinbones CD
PowerSolo return with an album that cuts to the bone. 12 songs in 30 minutes just like the good old days. BLOODSKINBONES. Blood, skin and bones. Tendons, nerves, muscles and not so much as a gram of excess fat on a skeleton that can be...
14,99 € *
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