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The Rocket Fins are described as infectious Rockabilly riffs and surfer twang!! The band is a side-project of DEADCATS Mick & Chopper and members of the SURFDUSTERS!! Listen to their catchy and melodic rockin' sounds!! 7 tracks!!!
6,50 € *
DEADCATS-Look Like Hell CD DEADCATS-Look Like Hell CD
Canadian ‘Hellbilly’ legends THE DEADCATS release their 7th CD, showcasing their infectious brand of revved-up hillbilly meets Link Wray style instro’ rock’n’roll, a genre that the band calls ‘Hellbilly’. This new Deadcats line-up...
13,50 € *
ADAMS, ART-Dancing Doll CD ADAMS, ART-Dancing Doll CD
This cd contains 18 songs including obscure rockabilly songs written in the 50’s, original songs and the original version of “Dancing Doll.
13,50 € *
DEADCATS-Millions Of Deadcats CD DEADCATS-Millions Of Deadcats CD
Psycho-Rockabilly from Canada! 12 tracks! Night of the Hell Train / Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs / Cerveza / Ballad of Johnny Rebel...
13,50 € *
DEADCATS - Feline 500 CD DEADCATS - Feline 500 CD
Great 2007 album from the canadian Psychobilly band! Incl. coverversions of Link Wray and The Meteors!!!
9,90 € *
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