GODDAMN GALLOWS - The Trial LP silver ltd.

GODDAMN GALLOWS - The Trial LP silver ltd.
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GOODAMN GALLOWS - The Trial LP SILVER vinyl! 77 numbered copies made!

In 2004, the goddamn gallows began their rough and tumble voyage and haven’t looked in the review mirror since. Leaving 6 studio albums in their path, they have been reinventing their music with every record. From rockabilly, psychobilly to punk rock, bluegrass and metal, their latest release, "the trial" takes this recipe even further, seamlessly blending multiple genres.  Never straying from what they know best, the goddamn gallows will be relentlessly touring the USA in 2018, and Europe 2019 in support of the new album. Their legendary, outrageous shows are not to be missed. 

Recorded by Jack Gibson from EXODUS!



Blackened Soul

It’s Gonna Be Okay (No It’s Not)


When No One’s Around

The Trial

City Of Fools


Dreadful Sinner

Down With The Ship

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