SPEEDING BULLETS - Space Rumble LP ltd.

SPEEDING BULLETS - Space Rumble LP ltd.
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Finally! “Space Rumble” is the long awaited debut album of the Portuguese Psychobilly and surf... mehr
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Finally! “Space Rumble” is the long awaited debut album of the Portuguese Psychobilly and surf band “The Speeding Bullets”.

These cats started out in Coimbra, in the distant summer of 2000, playing together for the love of fun and rock and roll, at a time in which the once bubbling rock and roll scene of the city started to fade. After some changes in the line-up, Bruno Malo, Luis Duarte, Tiago Coelho (a.k.a.) Nakata and José Rebola started to play all over the country, gathering new fans in each concert.

The fans echoed their songs, but these never got recorded, first because there were no means to do so (apart from a brave demo recorded by Bruno Simões with only one microphone), and later on because the bass player moved to the Uk to play with bands such as Guitar Slingers, Moonshine Stalkers and Tasteless.
Their concerts grew thinner, but they never stopped playing, And the fans never forgot. In 2020, celebrating the band’s 20 years they started to take seriously the idea of collecting their best songs in a recorded masterpiece. And that’s exactly what “Space Rumble” is.

Recorded at Bluehouse Studios, mixed and mastered at Submarine Sound Studios, these 12 songs perfectly capture the band’s energy. Bruno’s blazing double-bass slaps, Luis’ fierce drumming, Nakata’s unparalleled guitar wipeout, and Rebola’s dazzling riffs join their frantic vocals. It’s all there!
“Space Rumble” is a journey into 20 years of psychobilly, surf rock, sci-fi and b-line movies, but most of all, fun and brotherhood.

Inspector Maggot
Slow Burn
Race Over Tombstones
Centigrade 37
It’s Gonna Be Like Hell
Voodoo Call
Space Rumble
Out Of Control
Resident Evil
Crash Landing
That’s Life
We Are The Psychos

The Speeding Bullets are:
Bruno Malo: double bass, vocals
José Rebola: guitars, darbuka, vocals, sonoplasty
Tiago “Nakata” Coelho: guitars, vocals
Luís Duarte: drums, percussion, keys, vocals

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