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TRISONICS-Rock`n`Roll Remedy CD TRISONICS-Rock`n`Roll Remedy CD
I May Be Wrong (But It Don't Seem Tight) ~ I'm On Fire ~ Rock 'n' Roll Remedy ~ Mystery Lady ~ Dance The Night Away ~ This Bird Will Fly ~ Move It On Over ~ Move On Out ~ Gotta Go L'il Doggy ~ Gypsy Eyes ~ This Bird Will Fly #2 ~ Lullaby...
12,50 € *
TAGGY TONES-Unplugged, Unreleased & Unexploited CD TAGGY TONES-Unplugged, Unreleased & Unexploited CD
Fantastic collection of this great danish Neo-Rockabilly band! Tracklisting: Saint and a sinner / Rockabilly girl / These boots are made for walking / Rockabilly rebel / Rebel yell / This little girl / His latest flame / Folsom prison /...
13,99 € *
DELTAS - Tuffer than Tuff! CD DELTAS - Tuffer than Tuff! CD
Third Studio album from The Deltas, plus the whole of the 'Live & Rockin' - X Certificate' album added as bonus tracks.The Rockabilly Revival of the early 1980s spawned a string of chart hits for the more commercial bands of the genre -...
12,90 € *
SHAKIN' PYRAMIDS-Reeferbilly Blowout! CD SHAKIN' PYRAMIDS-Reeferbilly Blowout! CD
One of the best and most original bands of the 80s Rockabilly era. TRACKLIST: Teenage Boogie/Tennesee Rock 'n' Roll/All Right All Night/Sixteen Chicks/Shadow My Baby/Pretty Bad Blues/Wild Little Willie/Wash Machine Boogie/I Got A Baby
9,00 € *
V.A.-Riverside Rockabillies CD V.A.-Riverside Rockabillies CD
TRACKLIST:Girl Is Late - The Crawdads /Tomorrow Night - Al Holden /Whiplash - The Ricardos /Teresa - Deuces Wild /Love Me, Hold Me, Squeeze Me - Riverside Trio /Sugar In My Coffee - Billy Adams /Eight Wheel Driver - The Ricardos /Baby -...
12,50 € *
HARVEY, DANNY B-Rockabilly Jazz CD HARVEY, DANNY B-Rockabilly Jazz CD
Fine stuff from the guitarrist of Levi Dexter & The Ripchords, The Rockats, The Swing Cats and 13 Cats!!!TRACKLIST: Whiskey Hollar Blues / The Travis Rag / Cattin' Around / Boyd County Bop / Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You / The Garland Rag...
11,50 € *
HONEYDIPPERS - Honeydipper Stomp CD HONEYDIPPERS - Honeydipper Stomp CD
An album of struttin' Rockabilly from The Honeydippers, formed in Los Angeles by Rockabilly guitar slinger Danny B Harvey and singer Gary Twinn.Danny Harvey is well-known among Rockabilly fans a guitar player for Levi Dexter & The...
12,50 € *
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