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THE TONY MONTANAS – Mafiabilly by wildhank If there's any band hailing from the... mehr
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by wildhank

If there's any band hailing from the rockin' underground of Germany that deserves so much more recognition than it gets, it has to be THE TONY MONTANAS. Regardless whether it was due to a lack of self-promotion, their general nonconformist attitude or band members literally locked away from the rest of the Psychobilly cosmos, in the past the Swabian three-piece always seemed to be unable to take the next step forward to rockin' notoriety. A lineup change a couple of years ago really did wonders for the the Mafiabilly experience and the reshuffled trio already left their mark on the Psychobilly Ratpack compilation with an exclamation point!

Their second full-length album is a beast of a record anyway and if it doesn't turn the spotlight on these lads any brighter, I'll sort myself out and start listen to chart music.

This package of mostly original material is a terrific mix of Rockabilly, Punk, ace musicianship and well-crafted songs with Italian harmonies and Tarantino type images of violence thrown into the mix that causes a very trademark sound that simply stuck in your head.

To name but a few highlights I'd like to pick the amazing title theme that is an helluva intru-mental, the catchy sing-along Six Feet Below, the traditional Psycho rockin' theme that is Phantom Voices, live favourite Fick Dein Leben Crew, Judgement Day, Someone's Gonna Die Tonight, a song that sees the listener switching on a fake radio between the likes of The Nekromantix and Stray Cats before finally settling down with the song of THE TONY MONTANAS. A very strong cover version of Body Count's Cop Killer, Family and Bleed Me a Song are the best of the rest.



Mafiabilly / Six Feet Below / Dressed To Kill / Revenge Is Sweet / Phantom Voices / Brothers In Crime / Fick Dein Leben Crew / Judgement Day / Multiband Radio / Someone’s Gonna Die Tonight / Cop Killer / Family / Sangue Chiama Sangue / No One Rides For Free / Bleed Me A Song

manufacturer: CRAZY LOVE
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