TIN CANS - Honest And Crafted CD

TIN CANS - Honest And Crafted CD
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These three musicans understand how to brew their very own explosive mixture of 80‘ies... mehr
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These three musicans understand how to brew their very own explosive mixture of 80‘ies neo-rockabilly with a dash of country and honkytonk. Since over ten years the rocking sound of THE TIN CANS inspires people all over Europe. Beside numerous live gigs in Germany, Austria, Swiss, Holland and Norway they made several TV-experiences during a tour to Lithuania. Their live and studio qualities, their musical abilities and their enormous creativeness enables them to surprise you permanently with new and brilliant own songs.

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the Tin Cans in 2016 their seventh album “HONEST & CRAFTED” of the german trio arrives. As always, recorded with a lot of passion and fun – this is honest, handmade music! With 14 self-penned songs the guys stay true in their very own blend of neo-rockabilly, up-tempo country, blues and even a Ska-Tune.
Guest musicians on two songs is Joerg with his pedal steel this.

The song potential extends from powerful and stylistically different original compositions on 50'ties classics to 60's numbers. But always in guitar-dominated, driving rhythm from Sebastian "Semmel" Glenz. File in the genre Neo-Rockabilly next to Restless, the Blue Cats and Dave Phillips.


1     Give Me All Your Love    
2     Mister Moon    
3     You're Hands Are Cold    
4     Hold On A Minute    
5     Nothing To Loose    
6     Nobody's Fool    
7     Times Have Changed    
8     No Return    
9     Boring Days    
10     Arrogant Attitude    
11     On The Road    
12     Honey Don't You Know    
13     Never Mind    
14     Rocking Good Times

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