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Produktinformationen "BROOK BLANCHE - Same LP"

The voice of Brook Blanche can move a mountain or a man to tears. It can be a deep, baritone bellow that belies his sensitive soul or a hold a gentle, quiet & quivering note, the calm hiding the storm that is brewin

     Like a low, rolling thunder across the plains of the Midwest, Blanche has drifted from his Wichita, Kansas home across the United States back and forth countless times with Calamity cubes!, the 3 piece country band he fronted for many years. With the Cubes being described as 'country thrash', Blanche felt these 11 songs on his first self titled solo album, released on Broken Neck Records, needed a different treatment than normal. The listener finds themselves listening to just the man and his guitar, accompanied occasionally by a violin, mandolin, upright bass or mandolin.

     If you have been in love, broken a heart or have had yours broken, Blanche has sung of your predicament. These songs feel like they needed to be sung, for him and for us. 

Tracks: Fools On The Barstools / Your Side / Enough / Empty Promises / Two Wrongs / Misery / Head Of The Table / Prettiest Girl / Dreaming / With Me

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