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THE MUSIC: Take fucked up Rolling Stones and the Oblivians and may the Reatards and you got... mehr
Produktinformationen "COME N' GO-2 CD"

Take fucked up Rolling Stones and the Oblivians and may the Reatards and you got the COME n GO.. A Explosion on the Turntables and a Explosion in Your Head as well, Recorded in a (believe it or not) Studio.. for the first time in history of the Band.. and correctly Mastered


One Born again Christian and the other 3 are into Satan, all of’m like it Dirty an they Talk and having Fun together… also a fact that actually does not exist in this world.. so it must be a amazing Band

4 YEARS ago the first album of the COME N GO was released (Rhythm n Blood, Voodoo Rhythm ) it was a furious mix of fist in Your Face Attitude R&B and Punk Rock Trash Blues… these Days they are Touring a lot around Europe and went to the Studios Again to record this New Album.. it’s much more ‘CLEAN’ as the first one..if you can use this word for come n go, but it much more Song Structure and sometimes you can think that they actually think when they do something.. not only guzzling beer.. and so is the whole album.. if you take a song like ‘MANUAL INFORMATION’ you transform you self into the early stage of Elektor New Wave music then going over to ‘BEERLAND’ that gives you frenetic blues punk and on ‘DON’T MATTER’ it’s deffenetly the Stones who drives and there’s another amazing thing about this album ,there’s still no slow song on it.. may we wait to the 3rd album.

All songs written by the band exept COMMOTION is a CCR song THERE’S NO BUTTER FOR MY BREAD was written by the Oblivians
manufacturer: VOODOO RHYTHM
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