JET BLACK COMBO - Out of Control CD

JET BLACK COMBO - Out of Control CD
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Thirteen songs, recorded during a hard weekend, in an old country-side barn. It’s brutal,... mehr
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Thirteen songs, recorded during a hard weekend, in an old country-side barn. It’s brutal, crude.and honest. This is unbending rockabilly with a punk rock edge.JET BLACK COMBO have created a mix of partying, gals, cars, sinful encounters, messy love affairs as well as unobtainable dreams, all delivered with a convincing feeling, showing how much they really loves their music!Clichés? You bet, but if it works, don’t fix it!JET BLACK COMBO rose late autumn 2004 from the ashes of the band once known as 69-Hard. Well known for their outrageous acts, the band left no crowd unmoved.Christian Fridlund and Mats Jeppsson continued after the break-up of 69-Hard to play in different bands without the sense of having found a new home. One of these bands provided them with awesome drummer Marcel Strub, well known from Malmö’s music scene. Back from a year of absence, Kalle Metz was ready for more. When Mats Jeppsson called him about his ideas for new songs, Kalle was ready to rock. Finally, along came Andreas Gruvstedt on horns and the line up was completed.Signed by HepTown Records the band nailed the thirteen tracks in “The End Studio” in spring 2005. People, familiar to the 69-Hard style, know what they are up for: rough rockabilly although this time around with a little less punk, giving room for a more dynamic sound in the songs, spicing the mix with horns and topping it off with a touch of country music.TRACKLIST:Welcome to the show/Fat Boy Bop/Sure hot mama/Baby, don’t you know/Back to Bonneville/Out Of Control/Devils train/Number thirteen/ Rock the house/ White-knuckle danger/The only one/Saturday night
manufacturer: HEPTOWN
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