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The Troubled Three are a trio from Stockholm, Sweden that has successfully entered the... mehr
Produktinformationen "TROUBLED THREE - Moving On CD"

The Troubled Three are a trio from Stockholm, Sweden that has successfully entered the rockabilly scene.

They do not play ordinary rockabilly tunes and perhaps that is the key to their popularity. The members all come from a background in rock music and they have played pop, punk and rock in a variety of bands. When they began to take interest in older music they didn't listen to Elvis, but more to the roots of rock'n'roll music; rhythm & blues, jump blues, country and western swing. This forms their sound and without leaving the roots the band stands with one foot in the late 40's and the other one in the present. TTT find their inspiration in old artists such as Big Joe Turner, Roy Montrell and the Tielman Brothers. TTT's stage show is one of the most discussed issues. You never know who is balancing on which instrument, if drums will fly across the stage or if the members will show up in hula skirts. You can tell that TTT enjoy their time on stage.

Line up:
Rick LeMae - Behind the drums
Hucklebery Jerry - On the strat
Travellin' Tom - On top of the double bass

Track listing:

1. Slow Down Ms. Brown
2. A Nickle Or Two
3. On The Radio
4. Nice Girl
5. Let Me Satisfy Your Soul
6. Moving On
7. Ride My Bike
8. Maritime Blues
9. Nathalie
10. Let's Have A Ball
11. Drunk

manufacturer: HEPTOWN
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