V.A.-Rockabilly Nuggets Vol.1 CD

V.A.-Rockabilly Nuggets Vol.1 CD
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  • KK-CD037
Some of the bands featured here are firm favorites on the rockin' circuit while others are still... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A.-Rockabilly Nuggets Vol.1 CD"
Some of the bands featured here are firm favorites on the rockin' circuit while others are still on their way up to stardom. If you like your musical dish served the strictly authentic way - just dig names like Eddy & The Backfires, Mark Kelf & The Valley Boys, Hot'n'Cold, Mars Attacks, Roy Kay Trio, Dusty Gray, Jesse Al Tuscan & The Lumberjacks or Russ Be-Bop & The Roadrunners. And for those of you who want the goods delivered with a distinctly modern touch, we've got Raik & the Chainballs, The Caravans, Chrome Daddies, Rancho Deluxe or Ray Thompson & The Invisible Rays to get you in the groove. Then again some bands such as 45 RPM, Cordwood Draggers or Rhythm Train lean heavily towards hillbilly rhythms while others such as Johnny Kansas & The Capers go for the teen beat sound - or even late 50s sounds as featured by The Count IV. And then there are those who just blast out their all-out rockin' sounds: Pete & The Atomics, Mark Lee Allan & The Driver Brothers, The Planet Boppers and The Rizlaz - well, what more need we say? To top it off, bands like The Houserockers or The Voodoo Shakers throw in a hefty dose of roughhouse rockin' blues. All these bands, whether they hail from France, Australia, Wales, Japan, Austria, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, England or the United States, have one thing in common: a real love for rhythms weird and bizarre and for hypnotic guitar riffs - in short, ROCKABILLY!!! This sound will grab ya and won't let ya go - so just start digging ... and digging and digging ... for those ultimate Rockabilly Nuggets!!!
manufacturer: KAMIKAZE
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